Quadrio Meeting Pod

A modular pod with a desk, providing a peaceful place to make conference calls or focus on work, with less distractions. Hush Work Pod comes with all that’s needed to get work done in privacy. Like the other Hush products, it comes with excellent acoustics so that the person working is less distracted, glass back-panels so others can see if the pod is occupied or vacant and the booth can be dismantled and reassembled if it need to be moved or relocated to another office.


A modular system enabling you to create customized office seating

2520w x 1320d x 2285h mm

  • Sound-insulating front and back glass panels
  • Sound-absorbing solid walls at each side and ceiling panel
  • Automatic air ventilation system and lighting included, as standard
  • Glass frame and door handle made with real wood
  • Integrated power unit included, as standard
  • Integrated desk and seating options available

The Quadrio Meeting Pod allows for endless possibilities and its unique design is perfectly adaptable to the needs of your office and its users. The Quadrio Meeting Pod is a modular system that enables you to create a customized office seating for up to a maximum of eight people, without the need to remodel your office space. Choose the size that best suits the needs of your office and work in a conference room with accessible AV technology for anything from quick meetings to prolonged discussions.

Complete with lighting, ventilation and power as standard, the pod can be supplied empty allowing for an array of different interior set ups, from private offices to conference rooms and collaboration, the Quadrio Meeting Pod has you covered.

The pod also comes with optional desk and seating additions.

Many modern-day offices are open plan, but the need for collaboration will always be prominent in the modern day workplace. By combining high quality with great aesthetics, the Quadrio Meeting Pod provides the perfect sanctuary for a private meeting, interview or even video conferences. Given its stunningly stylish look, the iconic design fits perfectly in all types of offices and will add value to any workplace, making your environment look impeccably modern and smart. Placing high value on attention to detail, exceptional workmanship, and efficiency, the Quadrio Meeting Pod’s wood, glass and woold are made from 98% natural materials.


Size: 2 person, 3-4
Function: Acoustic, Desk, Mobile, Sofa

Structural Details:
Exterior dimensions: 2520w x 2270h x 1320d mm
Interior dimensions: 2245w 2150h x 1200d mm
Sound-insulating front and back glass panels
Sound-absorbing solid walls at each side and ceiling panel

Essential Facilities:
LED lighting and scope of both automated and manual ventilation.
Desk and seating options.
Integrated power unit with USB, different versions are available.
Anthracite grey carpet provided as standard.
Multiple finish options available.
Magnetic locking door.
Efficient ventilation system.
Integrated motion sensor.