Crane Venture Partners


Providing an effective solution for noise and privacy issues in open-plan offices

At Crane Venture Partners, the pursuit of a serene, distraction-free environment was a challenge that needed to be addressed. The team longed for a workspace where ideas could flow freely and productivity would not be hampered by unnecessary noise or interruptions. Their solution until now had been a glass-partitioned meeting room—a static, inflexible structure that simply wasn’t meeting their needs. It not only hindered the possible permutations and combinations of space utilisation but also failed to provide the desired quietness and privacy.

Understanding Crane’s predicament, we stepped in to redefine their office landscape. We recognized that their quest for an efficient noise-management solution was not just about finding the right materials or technology but also about strategic space planning and design. So, we embarked on a transformation journey for Crane. Their existing glass partitioned room was meticulously dismantled, taking care to prevent any disruption to regular office activities. The idea was not just to replace them but to introduce a more dynamic and functional solution: flexible meeting pods and phone booths.

We introduced the Lohko range of meeting pods and phone booths. These innovative pods are not only designed to minimize acoustic interference but also to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the workplace. They offered the versatility to move, alter, and reconfigure based on the requirements, thus overcoming the limitations of the previously installed static glass room.  Our Lohko phone booths offer an effective solution for noise and privacy issues in open-plan offices. Each booth ensures you have the comfort, technology, and solitude needed for you to focus solely on your work.

In the modern office landscape, where adaptability and productivity are key, Lohko provides forward-thinking solutions. Each of our meeting pods and phone booths carries a style that is sleek and modern, yet maintains a warmth that makes them welcoming. Imagine your workspace transformed into a more productive, more flexible, and more sophisticated environment. That’s the Lohko promise. Step into the future with Lohko. Elevate your office spaces, empower your meetings, and reshape your work experience.

This transition not only elevated the aesthetics of the workspace but also significantly improved the overall sound management. It worked wonders in ensuring uninterrupted communication, fruitful brainstorming, and efficient decision-making processes. At Crane Venture Partners, we didn’t just replace a structure; we transformed a workspace. We didn’t just provide a solution; we created an experience. And now, Crane revels in a work environment that embodies tranquility, flexibility, and productivity.

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