Meeting pods

Meeting Pods are essentially rooms within rooms, designed primarily for conducting meetings. Their versatile sizes are capable of catering to groups of varying numbers. These pods could either be fully enclosed, often featuring a glass door and back-panel, or entirely open. In terms of acoustics, closed pods offer a superior experience, as they limit the escape and intrusion of sound more effectively than other pod types. Open pods commonly feature partial enclosures, providing notable acoustic advantages and a semi-private space for conversations. Furthermore, irrespective of their open or closed status, these meeting pods are sometimes designed with a distinct floor or base, effectively trapping sound within.

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With their exceptional acoustic design, meeting room pods offer the perfect setting for private gatherings or a tranquil place to zone in on various tasks. When tucked away in a pod or behind a door, users can work without the bothersome distractions that come from other people. They also enjoy reduced ambient noises. Our meeting pods for offices are available in a vast range of shapes, hues, and finishes, each offering unique features. Options include castors for easy movement, integrated desks or tables, and built-in power and lighting elements. While we showcase a variety of sizes, there may be some that are not shown. So, if you do not see what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.