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Office Phone Booths

Office Phone Booths

Phone booths provide the perfect place to make and take calls in privacy and comfort. No longer do we need to walk to the corridor, out of the building or hide behind our desk screens to speak privately and not disturb others.

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Treehouse Pods

Meeting Pods

Meeting pods of all shapes and sizes offer a convenient place to meet in the office. Purpose built meeting rooms are getting increasingly occupied and also are built for the maximum quantity of people who might need to use it. This takes up a lot of space and evidence suggests.

Work Booth

Work Pods

Offices have been increasingly designed as open spaces, offering a sense of closeness, transparency, and team spirit. Some work tasks, however, require our undivided attention, without disruption or distraction. Work pods are a sanctuary for us to get our heads-down in the new office landscape.

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50% of workers in open plan officers aren’t happy with the amount of sound privacy they have.

 – University of Sydney

It takes 23 minutes to completely refocus after being distracted at work.

 – University of California

We lose an average of 90 minutes productivity a day from distractions at work.

 – IPSOS study

99% of people admitted they get distracted by noise or conversations in the office.

Leesman study

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Welcome to My Office Pod, the boutique online store for office pods.

We believe that the best office meeting pods should be available to everyone and have selected what we see as the best pods on the market to show you. We also sell them to our customers at an affordable prices. Our ranges include meeting pods, phone booths and work pods, all of which can be finished with different colour fabrics and materials. Not only do they look the part, they are also a great place to enjoy privacy and comfort.

Our aim is to make it easy for you to find the perfect pod and you can therefore expect us to:

Give you options to choose from on our website and from our extensive list of suppliers, especially if you need something slightly different.

Offer guidance (if you need it) through free consultation and sometimes site visits.

Provide convenient delivery and installation options at times that suit you, including out of office hours and on weekends.

Above all else, we aim to deliver an efficient service, from inquiry to installation.

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