Office phone booths

Essential for bustling workplaces or environments where regular seclusion is necessary, Office Phone Booths are similar to the conventional phone boxes you see in public. These pods offer a private space for phone or video call, similarly delivering solitude. More so, these booths prevent your conversations from causing disruptions to your coworkers, a common occurrence in offices, especially in an open-plan layout. Office Phone Booths offer a remarkable remedy to combat office noise and din. Their compact size allows them to be conveniently placed anywhere in the workplace without the hassle of rearranging entire furniture or compromising desk space. The strategic positioning of these booths ensures that employees won’t have to stray far from their work areas to attend or make calls.

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When seeking seclusion within the workplace, certain staff members move towards designated ‘silent’ zones. These could be far from their assigned workstations, hallways, or sometimes even outside the company premises in order to obtain the desired level of privacy.

With their robust acoustics, our booths ensure privacy for your calls without disturbing others. The interior of these booths offer additional amenities like tables, perfect for jotting down notes or for laptop use. They come equipped with power outlets allowing you to charge your phone or power your laptop, and in some cases, even a seat for you to comfortably make your calls. Office Phone Booths present a convenient and comfortable workspace, boasting features that have the potential to revolutionise your office environment.