Hush Hybrid Booth

Hush Hybrid is a completely enclosed pod, which has been designed with a focus on virtual meetings


A hybrid pod providing a private, quiet and comfortable environment

1244w x 2230h x 900d mm (1 person)

  • External shells available in a variety of finishes
  • Fitted with levelling feet and castors to allow easy movement and relocation
  • Back panel in acoustic glass
  • Toughened, laminated acoustic glass door with safety frosted manifestation

Hush Hybrid is a completely enclosed pod, which has been designed with a focus on virtual meetings.

It is a true fact that video conferencing has increasingly become the standard and preferred way of communication for workers in most industries.

This is highly understandable as video calls are an easy and inexpensive way to unite colleagues from all over the world without having to spend money or time travelling all over the globe.

Zoom calls have definitely become a popular tool in offices everywhere, however it can be very difficult to find suitable spaces with the right levels of privacy and quietness where to make these calls.

Hush Hybrid is the perfect answer for this problem, as its name indicates it is a hybrid between a phone booth and a work pod, offering more space and better facilities.

This pod is fully enclosed, with an external shell available in various finishes and an acoustic glass back and front panel with a door, providing easy access and continuous communication between interior and exterior.

Though this glass design allows for the uninterrupted flow of light, there is also a possibility to increase privacy by adding frosted stickers on the front panels to partially block the view in and out.

The interior of the Hybrid Hush is made of acoustic panels, fully upholstered and available in a variety of finishes.

The floor of this pod is carpeted as a standard, to aid with acoustics and also increase the sense of welcoming comfort. Hush Hybrid comes fitted with an integrated seat and backrest that are fully upholstered and designed to encourage upright seating, those aiding the posture of its users.

It is also fitted with a desktop, equipped with a depth-adjustable mechanism to make sure users find the most adequate position to be able to work for long periods of time without damaging their posture.

Hush Hybrid is also fully equipped with motion activated LED light and ventilation systems, both easily controllable from the panel above the desktop.

This pod is also integrated with power and data connection points, and a monitor bracket can be fixed in order to facilitate long video conferences, with even more ease and comfort.

Every single detail has been considered in the design and construction of Hush Hybrid, for example, there is an option to add LED face lights to make sure video conferences are well lighted.

Similarly, all surfaces can be covered in ant-virus coating, making it safe for constant use by different people.

Hush Hybrid is undoubtedly the perfect product to meet the needs of modern-day work life, it has adapted and combined the common phone booths and workpods to create a hybrid pod that is perfectly designed for long zoom calls in a private, quiet and comfortable environment.


Motion activated ventilation system, controllable from front control panel

Motion activated LED lights included as a standard
Additional LED face lights available, ideal for laptop use

Power and data outlets integrated on front control panel, as a standard

Integrated upholstered seat and depth-adjustable desk top

Acoustic glass panels and upholstered internal panels