Hush Phone Booth

Hush Phone Booth

A modular phone booth designed to provide a space to make telephone calls or video calls and work in privacy. Hush Phone Booth has a small footprint, not even one square meter and can be put in many places around the office. Like the other Hush pods, it can be easily moved, it has transparent glass so does not disturb the flow of light and can be put in the middle of the office space as well as up against the wall. Having glass panels also means that people can see when the booth is occupied from far away and when it’s vacant.


Hush Phone Booth designed to provide a space to make calls and work in privacy


Dimensions: 1000w x 2400h x 900d mm (1 person)

  • Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
  • Variety of fabric finishes available in quality upholstery options
  • Ideal independent space for focus and concentration
  • Abate sensory overload with clever workplace design
  • Acoustic certification of speech suppression and sound reduction
  • Decorative shelf and flip-down table included, as standard
  • Power unit (1no. power and 1no. USB port) mounted in the central column
  • Air circulation system and motion sensing light included, as standard
  • Transparent glass back-panels so that it’s visibly vacant or occupied

Hush Phone Booth

Hush Office Booth fits anywhere in the modern office layout and has a small footprint. The area it covers is not even one square metre and can be put in many places around the office. Designating specific areas for phone calls and video conferences is a vital aspect of creating an office environment that values and accommodates the needs of its employees. We offer practical and cost-effective solutions with extensive acoustic phone booth options that are highly adaptable to any workspace.

The exterior frame of the Hush Phone Booth is constructed from metal and honeycomb boards. The tempered, laminated acoustic glass walls and door with high quality handle finish off a sleek modern, look. On the interior, there is a laminated acoustic glass rear wall, ergonomic shelf/storage, fold-away laptop table and acoustic lined fabric panels.

Integral carpeted floor is also included with an optional floor mounted stool. The Hush Phone Box has levelling feet, anti-collision door markings and integrated castors. The efficient ventilation system is run by motion sensor. Power module has USB charging type A, USB type C + RJ45. Led lighting on the ceiling is also run by motion sensor.

If you’re looking for a solution to help you focus in a busy office environment, the Hush acoustic booth might be the answer you’re seeking. These compact phone booths not only provide an acoustic barrier for confidential phone calls and conversations but also ensure the privacy of office workers personal workspace.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the Hush Phone booth also includes features such as air circulation and motion sensor lighting. In addition to these benefits, Hush Phone booths are easy to install and can adapt to any workspace, making it a versatile solution for those looking for privacy and comfort while working.

The Hush Phone Booth comes with lighting, power, an air circulation system, shelf and flip-down table, as standard. The flip-down table is a well-designed feature that turns the Hush phone booth from a place to make video conference calls to a great space to take a telephone call on your mobile. The hush office booth also has certified high-level acoustics.

Most office workers need to use their phones during the day. Sometimes their phone calls are private and sometimes corridors are used to make them. Sometimes the person making/taking calls in the office are loud and are a distraction to others near them. Sometimes you just need an office phone booth.

Today’s workplaces are becoming more accommodating to the needs of their employees. As workers strive for greater productivity, many are seeking acoustic solutions that provide them with a quiet and focused environment to perform their tasks. Hush Phone Booth does exactly this.

Companies that offer such amenities can benefit from a more productive and happier workforce. Hush Phone Booth is part of the Hush acoustic range of office pods.



Acoustic, Desk


Construction based on the metal frame and honeycomb board with aluminium nodes

Side panels made of 3-layer honeycomb board, 38mm thickness. Both sides are melamine covered, finished with laser edging
Middle column (in cosmos grey or dusted grey) is made of 3-layer melamine chipboard, 18mm thickness, finished with laser edging. Includes 1 USB and 1 power socket
Back panel made of safety glass. Front glass panels made of tempered glass, 8mm thick, with layers of acoustic film and a handle


Dimensions: 778w x 276h x 220d mm. Fixed to the middle column, made from MDF, 38mm thick with a lacquer finish.

Pull-down table:

Table for laptop, pulled down with leather handle from the side wall. Made from natural veneer, includes clamp on chrome hinges, 468w x 345d mm

Upholstered Elements:

Upholstered panels made of chipboard covered with polyurethane foam


MURA – Weight: 230-240 g/m2, Composition: 100% polyester, Abrasion resistance: 80000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2), Pilling resistance: 4-5 (EN ISO12945-2), Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-BO2)

WOOL – Weight: 325 g/m2, Composition: 70%WO, 20%PL, 5%PA, 5%AF, Abrasion resistance: 100.000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2), Fastness to Rubbing: Wet: 4/5; Dry: 4/5 (ISO105 – X12), Light fastness: 5 (EN ISO 105-BO2), Flammability – cigarette and match (BS-EN 1021- 1, 2) (BS 5852 – 0, 1)


Ventilation and lighting activated by a presence sensor


Tempered, laminated acoustic glass door with high quality handle

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