Office Pods

Our office pods come in different shapes, colours, finishes and are used for different reasons in a work environment. We believe that office pods fit into a few main sub categories: meetings pods, phone booths and work pods. The titles describe the pod’s primary function, but they can also be used for the same similar purpose. A work pod can be used as a phone booth, for example. Considering the primary purpose is important when selecting the right pod for your environment and so is size. All pods, no matter their function, come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate different numbers of people. If you don’t have much space, it might be worth considering a single person phone booth or if you’d like an alternative to a boardroom then look for a large meeting pod.

Our office pods come in a variety of colours, finishes and have different features available. Generally, a pod’s exterior can be finished one way and the interior another. Many pods have fabric inside them, for seating or to aid acoustics. The fabric can often be selected from a long list and even be matched to an existing fabric/colour you have in the office. Having these options makes it easy to introduce the right pod to your space and look great. Some of the available features include: glass panels that let light pass through them so that the pod can sit in the middle of an office without dominating the space, castors to easily move the pod around the office in case you change your mind about where you want it to go, power outlets so you can charge your electronic devices or have a phone line in the pod and desk/table options so that there’s space to get work done on a laptop or with a notepad.