Clara Phone Booth

Clara Phone Booth

Introducing Clara Phone Booth: the ultimate acoustic phone booth. Perfectly tailored for one person, Clara offers a modern and innovative solution for those who crave privacy and comfort during their work or video conferences. Thanks to its top-of-the-line acoustic panels, Clara guarantees a noise-free environment, and the upholstered acoustic walls create, a space that eliminates distractions and boosts concentration.


The Clara Phone Booth provides a comfy and welcoming focus space


Dimensions: 1200w x 2200h x 1000d mm (1 person)

  • Exterior panels all made from sustainable materials improve sound insulation
  • Built-in laminate desk and chair as standard
  • Motion sensor ventilation and lighting
  • Power and USB outlets – several options available
  • LED lights and ceiling fan
  • Tempered glass door with a magnetic seal
  • Upholstered fabric walls
  • Pod provides a noise reduced environment
  • Non adjustable VESA TV bracket – 100×100 compatible. Max screen size 42″
  • Adjustable feet ensures level placement of the booth

Clara Phone Booth

Clara also comes equipped with a convenient table and seat, an ideal workspace that creates a private and comfortable space that maximizes productivity. Plus, you can personalize your power outlets to fit your exact preferences – whether you prefer an on-table built in table, under-table, or in-seat solution, Clara has got you covered. Get ready to elevate your work experience with Clara! The ceiling ventilation ensures the air stays fresh and the temperature in the phone booth is comfortable.

Clara Phone Booth has a tempered glass door that reduces internal and external noise. This acoustic meeting pod has fabric walls that create a comfy and welcoming space, providing the epitome of sleek and stylish design. This versatile gem features built in table and seamlessly blends into any setting, be it a corporate office, coworking space, or even your very own home.

The Clara Acoustic Meeting Pod is an innovative and modern solution for private work or video conferencing in the office.

Experience a noise-reduced and private environment with our state-of-the-art pod. Our acoustic panels, available in a variety of finishes, not only enhance style but also eliminate unnecessary noise. Step into a functional workspace complete with a built-in table and seat, designed to optimize your productivity.

With the Clara meeting pod – excellence is non-negotiable. Crafted with meticulous care by skilled UK craftsmen, this functional, sleek and stylish design visually appealing product sets the highest standards. This booth is manufactured with the upmost pride in commitment to exceptional quality, leaving no room for compromise. With carefully chosen, top-quality materials, the Clara meeting pod is built to last. Elevate your meetings with confidence. Overhead LED light ensures visibility and clarity within the booth and activates automatically.

Sound insulation is maintained throughout the whole Clara acoustic meeting pod, with commercial carpet on the booth floor, sound insulating foam and fabric acoustic panels with matching fabric roof. The tempered glass door on the Clara acoustic meeting pod provides additional security along with the magnetic door seal to make this phone booth a functional workspace. Bespoke branding options are available for corporate offices or companies who would require further customisation.



10mm foam*
10mm tempered glass
Fabric upholstery*
Acoustic timber*

Choose from: bamboo, cork, Archisonic and Foresso.


18mm spruce ply
9mm MDF


Acoustic foam*
Fabric upholstery*
MFC board
Carpet tiles*

*materials meet and exceed UK fire rating standards

Motion sensor:

Ventilation and lighting work from motion sensors keeping private and comfortable space in the pod energy efficient

Power & Ventilation:

Standard 3 pin UK socket

A wide range of internal power options are available including standard UK sockets to USBC & 3 pin

Fan can remove and replace over 100 cubic feet of air per minute

Noise rating of 26d

Fabrics & finishes:

Choice of thousands of fabric colours and styles

Range of wood and metal finishes

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