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Framery Four

Step inside the opulent confines of Framery Four and experience a new level of luxury in meeting spaces. Designed to accommodate four individuals with ease, this unit is more than simply roomy – it provides a spacious haven where great minds can converge to inspire and be inspired.


Framery Four – A clever strategy for engaging and accomplishing goals collectively


Dimensions: 92.6″w x 91.7″h × 50.9″d – 4 people

  • Smart and soundproof office meeting pod
  • Pre-fitted sound masking system
  • 8″ Touchscreen to control lights and ventilation
  • Fine-tuned superior soundproofing
  • Automated lighting
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Embedded sound masking
  • Automatic upgrades

The ample table space forms a versatile platform for documents, laptops, and coffee cups. Whether you’re brainstorming your next big idea or closing a crucial deal, its generous surface ensures that space is the last thing you need to worry about.

But the Framery Four is not just about comfort and space – it’s a technological powerhouse that redefines efficiency. It is a state-of-the-art soundproof meeting pod that’s designed to create an environment free of distractions.

Blending technological innovation with absolute comfort, this meeting pod is packed with advanced technology that helps you manage your time and productivity more effectively. Now, your meetings are no longer confined to the walls around you. The Framery Four allows you to connect with individuals from any corner of the world through seamless online interaction.

Discover the future of meetings with Framery Four. It’s here to transform the way you collaborate and communicate. Welcome to a world where every second counts, where comfort meets productivity, and where ideas take flight.

Advanced Technology

Every single facet of Framery’s technologically advanced pod has been meticulously crafted keeping you, the user, as the focal point of the design process. From the moment you step in, you will realise that every element revolves around facilitating a delightful user experience for you. From brainstorming sessions to space for remote meetings or hybrid work areas, the Framery Four is the ideal choice for modern teams. Along with the Framery Four, Framery One Compact, Framery One and Framery Six meeting room pod complete the new collection.

At the heart of the pod’s user interface is a state-of-the-art 8-inch high-resolution touchscreen. This isn’t just any touchscreen but an interactive gateway to a multitude of functions and features that the pod offers. It provides a seamless interface for you to customise and control pod settings to your liking. Whether you want to set the temperature a notch lower or dim the lights for a cozy ambiance, the high-res touchscreen offers intuitive controls right at your fingertips.

Moreover, the sleek touchscreen also acts as a smart portal where you can conveniently adjust the pod’s airflow for optimal comfort. No longer do you need to fumble with confusing controls to adjust the ventilation.

With few easy taps on the screen, you can regulate the airflow to create the ideal environment irrespective of the weather outside.

But that’s not the only convenience the touchscreen brings. It also integrates seamlessly with your calendar, allowing you to extend your reservations directly from the pod. Whether you want to make a last-minute extension or book the pod for the whole day, the touchscreen makes it all possible with few swift taps. So, every aspect of the pod isn’t just designed with the user in mind. It’s engineered to transform the way you experience comfort, convenience, and control in a space of your own.

Soundproof Meeting Pod Leaders

Features a groundbreaking, patent-pending acoustic structure that is meticulously tuned to the frequency of human speech, guaranteeing a top-tier performance unlike any other. With this innovative technology, we are able to provide an unparalleled A-Class speech level reduction of 30dB – an impressive feat that has secured our position at the helm of the industry.

This achievement has been acknowledged by Framery’s receipt of the highest ISO 23351-1 rating, usually reserved for high-performance office phone booths. By striving for perfection in their soundproofing capabilities, Framery have redefined what’s possible for office interaction and privacy. With their state-of-the-art acoustic technology, experience a disruption-free environment that heralds a new era in office communication dynamics.

Sustainable Framery Pods

The Framery Four and collection of Framery Smart Pods come with an efficient use of materials, which means no excess, no waste, just the optimum balance needed for the perfect booth. Every material has a role, contributing to the overall beauty, strength, and longevity of the product. This meticulous design process ensures an eye-catching product that’s as beautiful to look at as it is practical to use. Choosing this meeting pod is more than just making a purchase – it’s a choice for sustainability, an appreciation for sophisticated engineering, and the endorsement of a product built to last. Make this sustainable, soundproof meeting pod your choice today.



Powder coated matt steel panels

Structure matt black aluminum

Sound control laminated glass
(4 + 4 mm / 0.16 + 0.16 in)

Light steel and PET sound-absorbing structure


PET sheets laminated with recycled polyester fabric

Anti-static and stain resistant low loop pile carpet

Birch plywood or Oak veneer table (optional)

Height Adjustable Desk (optional)

Technology and Power

Built-in 4G with provided SIM card Automatic software updates

mmWave radar presence detection

27W energy consumption

Power outlets and Standby Mode


Adaptive ventilation changes the air inside the booth

Air filter – Maximum airflow 36 l/s,
76 CFM (129.6 m3/h)


Adjustable lighting

Dual 4000K light sources

Two preset lighting modes


Fine tuned acoustics

Speech level reduction
30dB (measured according to ISO-23351-1)

Additional Extras

Bespoke colour options

Framery Connect Technology

Framery App

Optional castors to easily relocate

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