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Meeting Pods | My Office Pod
Meeting Pods | My Office Pod
Meeting Pods | My Office Pod
Meeting Pods | My Office Pod
Meeting Pods | My Office Pod
Meeting Pods | My Office Pod
Meeting Pods | My Office Pod
Meeting Pods | My Office Pod

Framery Six

With Framery Six, you get to experience the quintessence of having a major meeting room, right at your fingertips. This elegantly designed smart and soundproof meeting room for teams, is equipped with an optional full-sized, top-of-the-line meeting table, customisable to your preferences with your selected choice of seats. This unique feature ensures that every person in the room feels comfortable, ultimately making meetings more productive.


Framery Six – Unleash intelligent collaboration and task completion like never before


Dimensions: 92.6″w × 91.7″h x 103.6″d – 6 people

  • Built-in 4G connection Automatic software updates
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Pre-fitted sound masking system
  • 8″ Touchscreen to control lights and ventilation
  • Fine-tuned superior soundproofing
  • Automated lighting – two preset lighting modes
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • Occupancy sensors

What makes Framery smart pods and Framery Six truly stand out from the rest is the state-of-the-art soundproofing technology built into their core architecture. Ambient noise in the background that would typically distract you from your focus is a thing of the past. This groundbreaking innovation allows you to concentrate solely on your team, promoting clear communication and fostering collaborative environments.

But the charm and novelty of this multifunctional, soundproof meeting space doesn’t halt at the physical boundaries of your meeting room. Its sophisticated design is integrated with cutting-edge technology that empowers you to connect virtually with people from any location around the globe. This trait broadens your horizons, through virtual collaboration and enabling you to reach out and engage with international partners or remote team members on video calls or telephone calls.

Stepping into the future of office work spaces, the Framery Six meeting room is a testament to the perfect blend of timeless design, comfort, advanced technology, and global connectivity. It truly offers the complete package, taking your meetings from ordinary to extraordinary.

Soundproof Meeting Room

Experience the pinnacle of A-class Framery office sound masking, meticulously fine-tuned to harmonize with human speech frequencies. With this latest technological advancement, every word you utter remains confidential, creating an invisible bubble of privacy around you. It is a soundproofing solution that aids your focus by effectively silencing the hustle and bustle of the world outside. It is not only a beneficial addition to the open office, it is also an ideal quiet space for remote and hybrid workers.

Imagine this: you are at the heart of a buzzing office or a crowded café, but you are able to work freely, converse easily, and think clearly, as if you were in your quiet, personal office. This is the level of freedom our product offers. It allows you to build an invisible fortress of silence or a sanctuary of solace, anytime and anywhere, without worrying about disrupting the peace of your surroundings.

With few easy taps on the screen, you can regulate the airflow to create the ideal environment irrespective of the weather outside.

But that’s not the only convenience the touchscreen brings. It also integrates seamlessly with your calendar, allowing you to extend your reservations directly from the pod. Whether you want to make a last-minute extension or book the pod for the whole day, the touchscreen makes it all possible with few swift taps. So, every aspect of the pod isn’t just designed with the user in mind. It’s engineered to transform the way you experience comfort, convenience, and control in a space of your own.

Soundproof Meeting Pod Leaders

Features a groundbreaking, patent-pending acoustic structure that is meticulously tuned to the frequency of human speech, guaranteeing a top-tier performance unlike any other. With this innovative technology, we are able to provide an unparalleled A-Class speech level reduction of 30dB – an impressive feat that has secured our position at the helm of the industry.

This achievement has been acknowledged by Framery’s receipt of the highest ISO 23351-1 rating, usually reserved for high-performance office phone booths. By striving for perfection in their soundproofing capabilities, Framery have redefined what’s possible for office interaction and privacy. With their state-of-the-art acoustic technology, experience a disruption-free environment that heralds a new era in office communication dynamics.

Sustainable Framery Pods

The Framery Four and collection of Framery Smart Pods come with an efficient use of materials, which means no excess, no waste, just the optimum balance needed for the perfect booth. Every material has a role, contributing to the overall beauty, strength, and longevity of the product. This meticulous design process ensures an eye-catching product that’s as beautiful to look at as it is practical to use. Choosing this meeting pod is more than just making a purchase – it’s a choice for sustainability, an appreciation for sophisticated engineering, and the endorsement of a product built to last. Make this sustainable, soundproof meeting pod your choice today.

It’s more than just a product, it’s an upgrade to your lifestyle – providing unparalleled peace and privacy in a world of noise. Engage in conversations with confidence, work with concentration, and experience the true luxury of serene silence, brought to you by our A-class soundproofing technology.

Spacious Interior

Immerse yourself in the captivating, broad expanse of the Framery Six’s interior – an office hybrid work space revolutionized and meticulously designed to redefine comfort and functionality. A haven of tranquility, planned to adapt to your unique needs and working style.

One of the standout features of the Framery Six is its ingenious adaptive ventilation system. This feature allows you to customize your environment to better suit your needs. Whether you prefer a direct or indirect airflow, the choice is entirely up to you. You can adjust the system to your liking, ensuring every moment spent in your workspace is as comfortable and productive as possible.

But it’s not just about keeping you comfortable. The Framery Six is intuitively designed to ramp up convenience and sophistication in your workspace. We understand that lighting plays a crucial role in mood and fostering a conducive work environment. That’s why the Framery Six comes equipped with automated lighting. This technology alters the lighting conditions automatically, responding to your needs. Whether you’re working late into the night, or you’re in for an early start, Framery Six’s automated adjustable lighting also ensures that your workspace is always in its best light.

With the Framery Six, you’re investing in more than just a workspace; you’re investing in a workspace that syncs with you, making the hours you spend on your tasks more pleasant and productive. Experience the avant-garde in office ergonomics—the perfect blend of form and function—the Framery Six.




Powder coated matt steel panels

Structure matt black aluminum

Sound control laminated glass
(4 + 4 mm / 0.16 + 0.16 in)

Light steel and PET sound-absorbing structure


PET sheets laminated with recycled polyester fabric

Anti-static and stain resistant low loop pile carpet

Birch plywood or Oak veneer table (optional)

Height Adjustable Desk (optional)

Technology and Power

Built-in 4G with provided SIM card Automatic software updates

mmWave radar presence detection

27W energy consumption

Power outlets and Standby Mode


Adaptive ventilation changes the air inside the booth

Air filter – Maximum airflow 36 l/s,
76 CFM (129.6 m3/h)


Adjustable lighting

Dual 4000K light sources

Two preset lighting modes


Fine tuned acoustics

Speech level reduction
30dB (measured according to ISO-23351-1)

Additional Extras

Bespoke colour options

Framery Connect Technology

Framery App

Optional castors to easily relocate

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