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Hushfree Acoustic Pod
Hushfree Acoustic Pod
Hushfree Acoustic Pod
Hushfree Acoustic Pod
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Hushfree Pod
Hushfree Acoustic Pods
Hushfree Acoustic Pod

HushFree Team Pod


Step into another world of productivity with the groundbreaking HushFree Team Pod. This isn’t just any office pod, it’s a carefully engineered, fully enclosed acoustic meeting arena specifically designed for your privacy and tranquility. Living up to its HushFree name, this Team Office Pod is based on advanced soundproof technologies that ensure you and your team can discuss innovative ideas, strategize for upcoming projects, or simply enjoy an uninterrupted brainstorming session in absolute privacy.


HushFree Team Pod is a superior acoustic space for private team meetings


Dimensions: 2210w x 2300h x 1390d mm – (1-4 person)

Dimensions: 2210w x 2300h x 2780d mm – (4-6 person)

  • Motion sensor-activated ventilation
  • Optional VESA mount for monitors
  • One touch controlled lighting
  • Features built-in wheels for mobility
  • Integrated power module
  • Optional free-standing upholstered sofas
  • Adjustable mounted lighting and ventilation controls
  • Upper panel prepared for connecting sprinklers and smoke detector
  • Available in 8 timeless interior colours
  • Soft seating available in multiple configurations

HushFree Team Pod

A Superior Acoustic Booth

The HushFree acoustic environment eliminates noise from the outside world, creating a sound oasis where creativity and teamwork can thrive. But what makes the HushFree Team Pod truly exceptional? It’s the flexibility to select from two distinct sizes tailored to meet the diverse needs of your team. The smaller version comfortably accommodates 1 to 4 individuals. It’s an ideal solution for smaller groups seeking a private workspace or for those quick, impromptu meetings that require a quiet corner.

Alternatively, for larger groups or more extensive meetings, the bigger version of this acoustic booth offers ample room for 4 to 6 individuals to talk. It’s an excellent solution for bigger teams of employees who need to collaborate without being bothered or disturbed by the rest of the office.

In a world where valuing each minute is crucial, the HushFree line of acoustic booths are a resounding, noise-cancelling business solution that empowers you and your team to work more efficiently. It’s not just a meeting space, it’s a sanctuary for productivity, the gateway to a world where concentration and collaboration come to life. Welcome to the future of efficient working with the HushFree Team Office Pod and booth.

Exceptionally Private Acoustic Pod

Are you in need of a serene, quiet space for critical discussions, meetings or brainstorming sessions in your bustling office? Look no further than the exceptional HushFree acoustic pods.

This product isn’t just a simple booth; it’s an acoustic pod, the epitome of acoustic comfort in an office set-up. Meticulously designed and master-crafted to promote superior sound quality, the HushFree Team Pod elevates the essence of private communication in a busy workspace.

Ideal for a variety of business and professional needs, Hushfree acoustic booths are a soundproof sanctuary, perfect for intimate face-to-face meetings or transitioning seamlessly into hybrid meetings involving on-site employees and remote members. Whether you’re engaging in vital, confidential discussions or simply having team meetings that require a peaceful environment, this pod is engineered to cater to your office needs.

Furthermore, the HushFree Pods are not just about functionality, but also motivation, teamwork and creativity. Think beyond the ordinary office cubicle; the furniture of this booth is designed to foster an environment conducive for innovative thinking, inspiring you and your team to approach problems creatively and work on projects from fresh, unique perspectives.

So, if you’re looking for a solution that combines comfort, productivity, privacy, and freedom for creativity in your office space, look no further. The HushFree Team Pod is the versatile, modern, and soundproof office space that fits perfectly into your dynamic office setting and office landscape.

The new LED lights system provides superior lighting, allowing much more time in the pod for concentrated work. Deck out your office pod, just the way you fancy – crafted to perfectly suit your requirements and tastes. Experience a revolution in your workspace with Hushfree pods. They are ingeniously designed to cater to the unique requirements of atypical individuals with respect to work organization, spatial utility, communication, and perception. Shift your surroundings into an arena that understands and accommodates your individual needs.



Tempered laminated door made of acoustic glass

White or Cosmos grey MFC acoustic panels panels

Acoustic glass front and rear walls

Acoustic floor covering


Integrated power module

USB charging ports, power sockets and data ports

Powered by one power socket


500 lux LED lighting at tabletop level

Adjustable light intensity

Light temperature of 4000 K


Total air flow 4 fans 80 m3/h*, 155 sec** ventilation system


Class A rated

Reduced speech level by 30.2 dB

Acoustic comfort according to the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard

Additional Extras:

Soft seating – two two seater sofas

Optional Booking screen

Middle table and side tables available

Furniture such as sofas, high stools, chairs and desks can be customised to suit

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