Just Eat

Bristol, UK

Providing a delicate balance of privacy and promoting collaboration in the modern workspace

At Just Eat, they know that the open-plan office model enhances collaboration, sharing, and on-the-fly brainstorming. But they also recognise that not all conversations or tasks are suited to this bustling environment. That’s why they chose to consult My Office Pod to create new, dedicated breakout areas using Meeting Pods that would sit alongside the open-plan office.

These breakout spaces are intentionally designed to offer Just Eat staff members a place for semi-private conversations, allowing for more focused and quiet discussions when needed. It’s the perfect spot for one-on-one meetings, client calls, or simply when you need a moment of solitude in the busy workday.

We’ve effortlessly transformed busy, noisy workplaces into harmonious environments that blend productivity and tranquility. Our masterstroke? Innovative Phone Booths and Meeting Pods, installed strategically around the office. Our approach isn’t disruptive; in fact, we perfectly align the installation to fit within your existing desk flow and office layout. Just Eat opted for the innovative Bob Meeting Pods, these aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill structures; our pods are designed to offer a unique blend of privacy, comfort, and modern design. No more hushing your voice during important calls or resorting to the stairwell for a conference call. With our pods, you can comfortably conduct your conversations without the worry of the typical office background noise.

At My Office Pod, we believe that the right environment is key to unlocking potential and driving productivity. We understand the delicate balance of providing privacy and promoting collaboration in the modern workspace. Ease of installation? Check. Creating minimal disruption? Check. Enhancing your workspace aesthetics? Check. Imagine walking into an office space that’s humming with energy and creativity but still allows you to take a quiet call without disturbing your colleagues. This is the reality we’ve created at Just Eat.

Discover the future of office dynamics with strategically placed phone booths and meeting pods. Change the way you work with My Office Pod.

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