Migrant Help

Belfast & Glasgow

Injecting a contemporary and sophisticated look that provides privacy and concentration

Migrant Help is a charity that provides independent advice and guidance to asylum seekers in the UK. Migrant Help is an incredible not-for-profit organisation that makes an indelible mark on the lives of asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Their mission is straightforward yet significant: they are dedicated to providing independent advice and guidance to individuals who have upended their lives in search of security, peace, and prosperity, far from their homelands. Imagine stepping into a bustling office environment with soundwaves of chattering voices bouncing off walls and echoing through corridors. Though this scene brims with energy and dynamism, privacy becomes elusive, and concentration can be difficult to maintain. This was once the reality at two of Migrant Help’s office locations scattered around the United Kingdom.

However, My Office Pod turned this challenge into an opportunity. We collaborated with Migrant Help to transform their open office settings into spaces that foster both social interactions and focused work. Our innovative Bob Meeting Pods were used to create dedicated meeting areas within the office environment. These acoustic pods provided much-needed privacy for confidential meetings, discussions, and critical decision-making processes. But the magic didn’t end there. We also ensured that these areas acted as sanctuaries for concentrated work. In the end, we achieved more than just carving out meeting areas; we enhanced the office layouts to meet the modern-day demands of a fast-paced, global organization like Migrant Help. Our customised solution ensured that Migrant Help could continue their noble mission efficiently and effectively, ensuring a balance between collaborative work and individual concentration.

Exquisitely designed, these pods offer an unprecedented level of acoustic privacy. Crafted with precision, they ensure that sounds stay within, thus allowing you to focus on your work without disturbing others or being disrupted. The noise-reduction elements in these pods create an immersive and quiet workspace, fostering concentration and efficiency. But that’s not all. We haven’t just thought about your auditory privacy, but the visual one too. Each meeting pod is beautifully lined with frosted vinyl across its front. This delicate addition provides a subtle opacity, ensuring that you’re not on display while you’re working or in a meeting. It’s the privacy you need, coupled with an aesthetic charm.

The Bob meeting pod collection is crafted with your need for both comfort and privacy at the forefront; every element of these meeting pods echoes the highest standards of design and functionality. The large flat panels are beautifully upholstered in a variety of aesthetically pleasing yet durable fabrics. These panels are not just functionally superior but also serve as significant contributors to the overall visual appeal of the pods. The pods also feature soft, rounded corners, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the functional design.

In essence, the Bob meeting pod collection is not merely about providing a space to hold your meetings. It’s about enhancing your professional life with a perfect blend of style, comfort, privacy, and innovation. Elevate your office setting and boost productivity with the Bob meeting pod collection, where superior design meets unparalleled functionality.

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