Bob Work Booth

Bob Work Booth is the perfect, single occupancy pod for any office or open area space looking to provide their workers with completely comfortable areas to work


A larger study booth optimised for working

1200w x 2050h x 800d mm (seats 1 person)

  • Fully upholstered exterior and interior, available in a variety of finishes
  • Integrated fully upholstered, bench sofa seat, with padded backrest
  • Desktop included, available in a variety of MFC finishes
  • Includes LED lights system
  • Carpeted floor included in dark grey, but can come without
  • Option to add power and data outlets
  • Castors can be added as extra, for full mobility

Bob Work Booth is a semi private, half open pod, that provides spaces for working within a comfortable environment.

In simple terms, it can easily be compared with a typical phone booth but that has been modified to give users a more comfortable working experience.

It has a simple, yet highly aesthetic design, characterised by soft lines and edges, which is further enhanced by its fully upholstered structure.

This study booth is only half enclosed, with two side walls, a back panel, a ceiling and a carpeted floor, thereby providing privacy within openness.

As its name suggests, Bob Work Booth is ideal to be used for working, unlike typical phone booths, this study booth is larger and specifically designed to provide users with an optimum working experience.

Bob Work Booth is fully equipped with lights, which help keep the study booth well lightened, making it ideal for use in any area of the office, where there is space.

Furthermore, it can be fitted with castors, so that it can easily be moved from one space to the other as the needs of the office changes.

It also has an integrated worktop and a cushioned, fully upholstered bench seat, which creates a comfortable and efficient working area, good enough to rival any normal desk and chair.

This work booth can also be further enhanced by adding a variety of power and data outlets to make sure users are kept connected and able to work professionally.

Looks wise, Bob Work Booth is highly flexible and its simple design can easily be adapted to fit your design brief.

For example, you can select from a variety of fabrics to cover the exterior of the pod and have the same, or a different colour for the interior of the pod.

Similarly, the finish of the seats can also be either the same as the other components to create a demure design that will go perfectly for serious, corporate environments.

Otherwise, you can have a completely different tone for the seats for a more eclectic and modern look that can easily stand out and make a statement in any space. This flexibility in the finished options will make sure everyone can find their right look.

Bob Work Booth is the perfect, single occupancy pod for any office or open area space looking to provide their workers with completely comfortable areas to work.

A semi-open work booth that provides a decent level of privacy without completely isolating users, thereby promoting continuous and open communication with their surroundings.


Fully upholstered shell, opened front for easy access

Integrated seat and table

Lighting system included as a standard