Schooner Outdoor Pod

Schooner Outdoor Pod

The Schooner Outdoor Pod is the perfect choice for anyone looking to expand their garden and create a lovely additional outdoor room or area for their property. This unique Schooner Outdoor Pod gives you instant access to a large home away from home that is easily accessible and that can be customized exactly to your particular style and needs.


Schooner Outdoor Pod instantly offers a large garden extension space


Dimensions: 2400w x 2300h x 4200d mm (6-8 people)

  • Large outdoor leisure or business space
  • Double foil-backed bubble insulation
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to use within 4-6 weeks
  • Handmade in the UK
  • No need for concrete foundations, just a firm, flat and level base
  • Optional laminate floor finishes- easy to clean
  • Low maintenance, rot free
  • Durable, versatile, and affordable.
  • Colourful outer resistant to all weather
  • Optional laminate floor finishes- easy to clean

Schooner Outdoor Pod

The Schooner Pod is the perfect choice for anyone looking to expand their garden and create a lovely additional outdoor room or area for their property. This unique Schooner Outdoor Pod gives you instant access to a large home away from home that is easily accessible and that can be customized exactly to your particular style and needs.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat, a dedicated area for work, or even housing those always-welcomed overnight guests, the Schooner Garden Pod instantly offers an elegant, large extension space and can be customized to fit your unique needs and placed in any outdoor location, even bigger than the Skipjack Pod, this is the largest size available in this range.

For leisure, children can laugh and play in their very own den, achieve your dream body and physique by sweating it out in a personalized home gym, or perhaps unleash your inner artist in a private hobby studio or craft room.

If you want to expand space for your business in your current location – a salon for beauty or hairdressing, massage and wellness or a workshop for hobbies for children or a side hussle, the possibilities really are up to your own imagination.

Wanting the perfect solution to expanding your living space or adding a large home extension space without the stress and significant expenses involved in moving to a new home or dealing with unpredictable construction costs? The Schooner Pod offers precisely that – a versatile and stylish extra room tailored to suit any lifestyle.

This pod is a great solution for any family or business on site that needs a little extra space or wants to provide its users with an area for relaxation and creativity. The durable construction of the Schooner Garden Pod ensures long-lasting reliability and quality, so you know it will last through multiple seasons without requiring repairs.

Additionally, customisation options are available of a full front double glazed panel warranted for 10 years or just double glazed panel glass door on the pod, allows plenty of natural light into the Schooner Pod. Not only is the Schooner Pod spacious and reliable, but it is stylish too!

Its contemporary look adds a modern touch to every space it occupies, making it an attractive addition to outdoor spaces and instantly adding a large home extension space. With this Schooner pod, you don’t have to sacrifice style when creating a workspace that suits your needs – choose Schooner Outdoor Pod today!

Are you looking for a stylish, simple, and space-efficient solution to your outdoor space or gardens? The Schooner Pod will allow you to add valuable square footage to your existing space, creating the ideal environment for creativity, meetings, collaboration sessions, brainstorming, or even just a quick break, this pod can provide it all.

Discover the charm of Schooner Pods, Handmade in the UK, an eco-friendly innovation meticulously crafted from over one thousand recycled 500ml plastic bottles. The Schooner Pod instantly offers a durable, versatile, and affordable creation boasting an exterior fibreglass shell that is warrantied for 20 years, ensuring you can relish its beauty for decades to come.

Available in a selection of customisation options with 4 different exterior pod colours with door and window frame colour options too, you can really make this pod a beautiful addition to your garden or outdoor living area.

Comfort is taken to new heights in the Schooner Pod with double foil-backed bubble insulation throughout the structure and a multi-layer fibreglass floor combined with structural heat insulating foam. Say goodbye to the hassle of concrete foundations, as all that is required is a firm, flat, and level base for setup.

The interior of the Schooner Outdoor Pod is lined with tongue and groove softwood, making this pod an inviting sanctuary for outdoor use. With a multi-locking uPVC door featuring a double-glazed panel, along with optional double-glazed panel window sizes and laminate floor finishes, care and cleaning of the Schooner pod becomes a breeze.

Connecting to power is made simple with a 16 amp hook-up (male connector), and interior electrics such as USB ports and LED lighting + wall switch are available to enhance your experience further. Embrace the promise of low maintenance and long-lasting durability that the Schooner Pod provides while redefining your expectations for eco-conscious living.

The bespoke design of the Schooner Pod has been crafted with high-quality construction materials that not only adds the wow factor but offers a a large home extension space that is durable and will last.

With its strong steel frame, and specially developed for outdoor use, UV-resistant exterior coating, and low-growing plants, you’ll get everything you need from the Schooner Outdoor Pod. With various customisation options to make the pod your own – Don’t delay – get yours now and give your outdoor space the extra boost it needs!

In a nutshell, the outdoors is a desirable escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, and Schooner pods bring access to that escape right into your own backyard. These unique outdoor structures are a peaceful retreat for relaxation, meditation, and even work.

With a wide variety of sizes and styles available, customisation options are standard for your garden pod to fit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you want a cozy reading nook or a spacious office space, these pods are a perfect addition to any outdoor area. Just add suitable furniture or a cosy chair and transform your outside space.

Surround yourself with nature and bask in the tranquility of your own private oasis with a Schooner Outdoor Pod. This Garden Pod is the largest pod available in the Hully Pod range, Skipjack Pod and Dory Pod are smaller models that are available.



Durable exterior fibreglass shell warranted for 20 years

Multi-layer fibreglass and structural foam insulating floor

Optional laminate floor finishes which are easy to clean

Rot-free shell and base


Double foil-backed bubble insulation throughout the structure

Tongue and groove softwood interior lining


16 amp hook-up (male connector)

2 x double gang interior sockets

Full range of interior electrics including USB ports and LED light + wall switch


Multi-locking uPVC door with double-glazed panel warranted for 10 years

Optional locking uPVC double-glazed window sizes warranted for 10 years


There are three standard colours available – Silver Grey (RAL 7001) Pale Green (RAL 6021) Pastel Blue (RAL 5024), but if they don’t suit you can choose a custom colour from over 200 RAL shades.

Durable Design:

Major structure warranted for 20 years

Door Style:

All Pod doors are constructed in top quality energy efficient uPVC with secure door lock mechanisms with colour options White Glass and Anthracite Glass

Window (optional):

Opening and lockable uPVC double-glazed windows can be installed on the rear wall of the Pod. Window colour will be matched with the door selection.

Available in three sizes: standard 50x50cm, Wide 50x100cm, Max 100x100cm


All floors are top quality vinyl that are practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Available colours: Light Oak, Walnut, Grey, Herringbone

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