Boss Furniture

Boss Furniture has been transforming commercial spaces since 1983, they have revolutionized the concept of functionality through their wealth of years of experience. Introducing a collection of top-notch upholstered products, their creations embody the essence of intelligent design, engineering, and craftsmanship. As a nimble office design and manufacturing enterprise, Boss Office Furniture obsesses over details, while delivering unparalleled quality through the use of premium materials and cutting-edge processes.

Boss Furniture are on a journey to embrace furniture that meets the demands of the modern workplace.

From Boss’s ground breaking journey from the West Midlands to a cutting-edge workplace. Discover an array of innovative furniture options and styles that have transformed office and retail spaces. Leaders in British manufacturing and design, Boss provide a collection of exquisitely crafted, contemporary furniture. They pride their selves on their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to producing refined pieces that not only enhance any workspace but also provide optimal comfort.

Office Space Design

Welcome to the embodiment of design integrity, meticulous craftsmanship, and exceptional quality with the Boss Furniture collection. Boss Design pushes the boundaries of design, combining expert engineering and exquisite workmanship with premium materials and components. Embracing sustainability and wellness as their guiding principles, their holistic and collaborative approach ensures that every step of the product development process, from concept to finished masterpiece, is shaped by their commitment to a better future.

The Evolution of Workplace Design

Experience the evolution of workplace design. Gone are the days of relying solely on architectural intervention to create privacy and division. Welcome to a brand new era of habitable spaces that offer both functionality and flexibility. Boss Furniture believe in more than just functional spaces; they believe in spaces that also make us feel good. Boss design are redefining the way we work.

Booths & Office Furniture Range

The Boss brand not only design office booths but also chairs, sofas, tables and stools, providing customers with a comprehensive office furniture offering and allowing their customers to maximise their space with style and comfort..

Skilled Craftsmen

Boss Furniture are creating excellence through a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship. Become acquainted with the artistry of their products, which seamlessly integrate modern technology with timeless skills. Boss office furniture products embody meticulous craftsmanship, innovative engineering features, and the finest materials. At Boss Design, they pride theirselves on delivering superior quality and attention to detail. Discover leading-edge designs that showcase their commitment to design integrity.


Boss office furniture choose products that stand the test of time for the sake of our planet, people and their company. They are committed to using quality, responsible materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. Boss Furniture’s Sustainability & Wellness Manifesto is in line with WELL V2 concepts and the UN’s sustainability goals. This means they take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to creating sustainable products, from concept to completion.