Glimakra of Sweden

Nestled in the enchanting Glimakra village, amidst stunning lakes and verdant landscapes, Glimakra of Sweden were founded in 1948 and has since dedicated their selves to the art of enhancing wood’s natural beauty. Now, their expertise lies in acoustic design, making Glimakra of Sweden a leader in the wood industry. They have ongoing collaborations with many eminent designers bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Glimakra Of Sweden – the home of acoustic design

Experience the excellence of Scandinavian acoustic design with Glimakra of Sweden. Their value-driven company is dedicated to creating the perfect soundscapes for different types of public spaces. By combining higher design, superior flexibility, and unmatched quality, they deliver truly favourable environments for all.

Talented Workforce

Glimakra of Sweden have ongoing cooperation with a number of high profile designers making their product offering not only functional with greater flexibility but aesthetically superior. The design and production by skilled cabinetmakers alongside a talented workforce create favourable soundscapes and take acoustics to the next level.

Glimakra have an exceptional in-house team of designers who use their creativity and expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions and designs that perfectly cater to customer needs and align with market trends and the modern working environment.


From work booths, screens and open pods to tables and seating, Glimakra of Sweden products cover a wide range of office product and accessories that easy on eye and ear. The BuildUp range offers open, functional, and accessible spaces of BuildUp Pod and Coupe models. Glimakra’s mission is to create inviting work and meeting environments while enhancing pleasant sound atmospheres. These semi-muted, subdued acoustic rooms offer an airy environment and cozy ambiance with the sleek design.

The Barn range is a sleek and compact design infused with the essence of Swedish Lapland. This stripped-down version features a clear horizontal expression, perfect for public spaces and business interiors. Glimakra’s innovative system utilises fabric acoustic panels strategically placed to create a harmonious blend of sound absorption and transparency. Experience large-scale repetition like never before.


Discover the timeless legacy of sustainability in a small Swedish village. Over 70 years ago, a company was founded on the principles of quality craftsmanship, community collaboration, and enduring design. Today, these values continue to shape Glimakra of Sweden and sustainability. Celebrate the rich heritage that has made Glimakra of Sweden more relevant than ever.

Glimakra’s commitment is to innovate and adapt to the changing times while ensuring the longevity and better quality of their products. They strive to create solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also the needs of future generations. Glimakra of Sweden’s goal and focus is to create timeless products that will endure for years to come, staying forever young with our sustainable approach.