Welcome to the innovative pods by GoSleep – your private sanctuary in a bustling public space. Inspired by the beauty of Finnish functionalism, these timeless and tasteful design offers no frills, only the essentials for your utmost comfort. Experience elegance made accessible with GoSleep’s remarkable creations. GoSleep’s slogan is “Rest is more”. Studies have proven that a well-rested individual is not only kinder to themselves, but also more comfortable and productive. Discover how GoSleep’s revolutionary pods can become a symbol of well-being in your workplace, waiting room hall, or gym. Find solace and recharge in your own peaceful oasis.

Go Sleep Pods

There are three main models in the GoSleep pod range – Power Nap Pod, Recovery Pod Pro and Igloo Pod. Power Nap Pod is purely for rest and recovery, where Recovery Pod Pro has vibration technology which promotes relaxation and recovery in the mattress and is a popular choice for athletes and sportspeople. Igloo Pod is the perfect blend of sleep and relaxation with multiple functions: a spacious office pod that offers work mode and rest mode options in a private sanctuary. Igloo Pod has a convenient storage compartment for personal belongings under the seat/bed and power outlet to keep users connected. Igloo Pod not only lets people focus and increase productivity with an ergonomic seat and fold out laptop table, but also allows users to close off the world with side shaded windows for full privacy and a fold-flat bed for a well earned rest.

Recover in privacy – Rest is more in the Go Sleep pod

Pods for Athletes

Recovery Pod Pro enhances recovery in sports and comes complete with a state-of-the-art Neurosonic mattress. Harnessing the power of low-frequency vibrations, Recovery Pod Pro stimulates your body and autonomic nervous system, ensuring a deep and restorative recovery. With a variety of programs targeted for sports performance, GoSleep guarantee a comprehensive and effective recovery solution.

Offices, 24/7 Workplaces, Airports and more

Overwhelmed by constant stimuli and information overload all day? It’s no wonder we struggle to concentrate and recover. The more we are burdened, the less efficient we become. Rest and recovery are essential, especially in the workplace. Discover how GoSleep Recovery Pod help employees recharge during the work day, provide a break in your day and create happier employees. GoSleep’s pods, were originally designed for airports, but are now available in offices and public spaces for working and resting and power naps. These enclosed spaces with storage space for hand luggage in the event of a long layover, offer a brief respite from the chaos of the workday. Users can take the sleep pod for a moment to shut out distractions and recharge, no sleeping required. Just a short 15-minute rest in a lying position is all it takes.

Discover the crucial role of shift workers and on-call workers in keeping the world running smoothly. Experience has shown these dedicated individuals the significance of rest for both recovery and productivity. When given the opportunity, it is most beneficial to take short rest, or sleep on the job in a comfortable and peaceful work environment. In certain workplaces, provisions are made for customers to also have access to a private rest area with a bed and GoSleep pods are a perfect, cost effective alternative.

Most people have experienced the discomfort of trying to nap or catch some shut-eye on a plane or in an airport lounge waiting for a flight. Sleeping is a struggle and finding stability is out of reach. The exhaustion only intensifies on longer journeys, especially when you’re constantly surrounded by strangers. Both business travellers and vacationers are eager to pay for the chance to rest or have some time in their own private space at the airport and GoSleep is their number one choice. These uniquely shaped pods fro Gosleep are already found in airports across the world, including Helsinki airport – with still more coming.