Hush Office

Experience the perfect balance of acoustic insulation in Hush Office pods. Hush Office are dedicated to being the best in their field. Discover the importance of acoustics in designing office booths, and see how they achieve the ideal environment. Don’t miss out on learning more. With 29 years of experience serving the global market, Hush Office teams excel in designing adaptive workspaces. Over the years, they have extensively studied worldwide office trends and best practices to truly understand what people need.

Hush Office Pods – Interior solutions that are inherently flexible

That’s why their expertise in mobile office furniture production allows them to manufacture products that take flexibility to the next level. Hush Office is a range of acoustic pods designed to seamlessly adapt to changes. Their passion lies in providing individuals and employees with work environments that cater to their needs. They strongly believe that incorporating flexible and ergonomic solutions into an office space has a lasting, positive impact on team culture.

Hush Office Meeting Pods

Hush Office allows users to enjoy the ideal acoustic environment for business with Hush booths and create a space that suits your individual needs. Their goal isn’t to eliminate all sound, as total silence is unhealthy. Instead, these innovative pods contain the noise, ensuring productivity without disrupting your colleagues.

Hush Office showcase a full range of acoustic products. Hush Meet is available in different sizes with built-in seating and a table included in the two and four person options. These are perfect for individual focus, one-to-one meetings or group collaboration in the office. Hush Meet Large can be extended to accommodate up to eight people when customised. Hush Open Meeting Pods, are open booths providing free space informal meeting zones in your open office. Hush Lounge Pod, is an acoustically insulated meeting pod for up to four people and the Hush Office Phone Booth creates a quiet retreat for phone calls in the open plan office. Lastly the Hush Twin Work Pods are dual cabins offering two separate phone booths combined.


Hush office pod and phone booths provide a germ-free environment, they have you covered – literally. Hush Office surfaces are specially coated with a powerful nano-photocatalyst that stops viruses and other microbes in their tracks, maintaining constant hygiene. Led ceiling light with dimmer and effective ventilation ensures a complete exchange of air every 1.5 minutes. Mobility has also been carefully considered and you can make layout changes in minutes, since none of the core Hush pods require disassembly for relocation.


Discover the extraordinary Hush office pods that prioritise sustainability, safety, and employee well-being. Experience the highest standards and certifications that guarantee a remarkable work environment. Satisfied customers are embracing the incredible benefits and undeniable productivity of Hush Office. Hush Office is compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) standards.