Koplus has been producing functional furniture since the company was founded in 2009. Koplus booths and meeting pods add a stylish and contemporary acoustic solution to any office or workplace. Koplus takes designing products to the next level providing protected environments for privacy and focused tasks. Need to have a private conversation virtually or just want time-out in a peaceful calm cocoon, Koplus booths provide it all.

Discover the power of Koplus: a mindset that embraces well-being and sustainable living

Experience the ever-evolving process that is Koplus Furniture, driving positive change and adaptability within the office or work area. Experience the ultimate in soundproofing with the use of industry-leading materials and expert structural design. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to peace and tranquility. With showrooms in London, UK, their extensive range of booths, desks & chairs will help you to create your dream workspace.

Design & Manufacturing

Koplus offers professional design, rigorous testing, and global certification. Their products are crafted with users in mind, ensuring constant evolution and improvement to meet your office interior needs, all whilst looking great!

Discover the perfect fit for your workspace with the versatile and customizable Koplus Acoustic Collection. From various sizes to a wide selection of furniture and accessories, Koplus have everything you need to create a workspace you’ll absolutely adore. Experience the Koplus difference today.

Koplus Booths

Designed to achieve class-leading soundproofing, Koplus booths are built to mitigate noise. The Kolo and Milli acoustic series pods are mostly single occupancy models but there is a duo model available for up to 2 people. Custom-designed airflow, user-friendly charging ports and LED lighting are standard in Koplus booths maintaining their excellent reputation for superior design. From options for upright to sitting formations, with technology to determine seat adjustment, the Koplus booth range has options to suit all employees.

Koplus Chairs & Desks

Kin, Hop, Kinnet and Mount are part of the Koplus office desk range. This range of height adjustable sit stands desks add a functional yet stylish addition to any office. Koplus also has an extensive range of seating to compliment their desk and booth options.


Trust and reliability – that’s what Koplus stands for. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch products that our clients and partners can depend on. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to product development and production. From research and design to material selection and production, we pay attention to even the smallest details. Our commitment extends to the well-being of our users and the environment. Standards include ISO50001: Energy, ISO14001: Environment and ISO 9001: Quality.