Silent Lab

Discover the power of peace and quiet. Silent Lab’s original acoustic concept reduces noise in any space, leaving employees happier and more productive. We manufacture and deliver silence, wherever it’s needed. Experience tranquility wherever you go. Silent Lab’s groundbreaking acoustic solution is revolutionising noise reduction in any space. Discover how their innovative approach is bringing joy to employees and boosting productivity by an incredible 10% each day.

Silent Lab: Maximum functionality, and attractive design across all acoustic products

Mastering the art of combating noise is Silent Lab’s specialty. With a team of skilled acoustics experts, they create top-notch acoustic products in-house. From acoustic wall and ceiling hangings to stools, partitions, and even a remarkable soundproof mobile office that accommodates one, two, four, or eight people – Silent Lab’s production facilities in the Czech Republic deliver unparalleled solutions to reduce noise in the office environment.

Silence and productivity go hand in hand in the workplace. Silent Lab’s custom acoustic solutions are here to meet your specific needs and ensure your offices remain peaceful and your employees can work their best. Whether it’s a standard approach or a unique design tailored to your bespoke requirements, their solutions prioritise functionality and aesthetics.


Silent Labs’ original acoustic concept for a noise-free environment is guaranteed to boost employee satisfaction. From an extensive range of acoustic pods, acoustic wall hangings and a selection of dividers and wall panels, Silent Lab has noise reduction and acoustic comfort totally covered! Elevate your expectations with Silent Lab’s top-notch products. They know you value quality, just like they do. With acoustics experts in house, SilentLab are experts in managing noise effectively. They manufacture quiet and send it wherever it is needed.


SilentLab is the ultimate personal booth designed for making and receiving phone calls in the most chaotic work environments. With its sleek and minimalist design, you can enjoy a quiet and uninterrupted conversation. Plus, Silent Lab’s durable construction ensures lasting quality and superior acoustic solutions. Built not only to reduce noise, have maximum functionality with an attractive design, but to provide superior comfort and style with their ergonomically designed products that are compliant with the latest workplace standards and trends.


Custom Components Made Just for You – Adapt Silent Lab’s products to fit your space. Introducing our two production centres in the Czech Republic! With our own production facilities, we have the power to create customised acoustic solutions just for you. Silent Lab’s booths come with a full manufacturers warranty