What is an Office Pod?

A brief summary of what an Office Pod is.

What is an Office Pod? In a nutshell it is a self-contained room which can be placed within a larger space, usually in an office. What is an Office Pod? The pods are pretty much independent units that give workers the possibility to work in a secluded environment, far from the various distraction of any public space. Many of them are also mobile, like the Treehouse Pod, which makes them perfect for office space optimisation. Most office pods have been designed with acoustics in mind and therefore help provide spaces that are quieter and more comfortable to work in.

Another way to describe what is an office pod are by explaining the  different functions they can have in an office environment. Often this is based around how many people need to use them at one time. Office phone booths are generally designed for one person to use, for a phone call or a video call. Work pods and Zoom pods are usually a bit larger than phone booths but still designed to accommodate one person and they often come with a desk for more comfortable working. Finally, the other main function is meetings and meeting pods provide a private and comfortable space for users to interact with others, one to one, or for large meetings too.

The function of the office pod is often closely aligned with it’s size and because of the this My Office Pod’s product range offers solutions that wont take up much space in the office but we can also create very large office meeting environments. Larger meeting pods can be used for board meetings, training and entertainment areas, and offers a flexible alternative to the traditional built in and temporary partition wall meeting rooms. These types of meeting rooms can offer less long term as once they are built, they can only be knocked down, rather than moved. Most of our office pods can be relocated.

How are office pods made?

An Office Pod’s structure is similar to the traditional telephone box with four sides and a roof/ceiling but they also come in larger sizes. The materials used are usually a chipboard with plastic coating such as mfc and mdf but sometimes upholstered panels are used too, like in the Bea Meeting Pod. Office Pods have additional features such furniture, such as seating which can be for one or more people and tables/desks that provide users with the necessary things to work on, in comfort.

What is an office pod and why they are good for the office

Why are office pods good for the office?

While the recent and current trend in office design has been considering open and shared work spaces, putting an emphasis on peer interaction and collaboration in the office, this is not always the best for everyone. Take for example workers who might be sensitive to noise or who might perform better with areas they feel relaxed. Introverts especially, can be sensitive to distraction and prefer to work privately to concentrate. It’s not just introverts either.

Most employees complain of loud noise in the office at one time or the other, a survey by the IPOS suggested it was as high as 99%. Open-plan offices make it difficult for people to find refuge and privacy. Office Pods are a great solution for this, especially those with high-level acoustic properties, like the Lohko Phone Booth, they isolate noise and distractions while still being in the same office space and can easily fit into an existing design scheme.

What is an Office Pod? Some of the key activities that Office Pods can be used for:

  • Making and receiving calls in private
  • Video conferencing
  • Tasks that require a high degree of concentration
  • Working on tasks in a place less susceptible to distraction
  • Private meetings or sensitive conversations