HGH Consulting


Providing dedicated spaces for privacy and video calls

HGH Consulting recognized the need to offer their consultants dedicated spaces for video calls in their Central London office, a charming townhouse with limited space. Although finding privacy was often challenging, they decided to embrace Penelope Video Booths.

These innovative booths seamlessly integrated into existing meeting spaces, preserving valuable area while accommodating the team’s requirements. This versatile solution empowered their team to swiftly locate and utilize the designated spaces whenever necessary. With the implementation of Penelope Video Booths, HGH Consulting successfully transformed their workspace, fostering enhanced productivity and seamless communication.

The Penelope Phone Booth is an ideal solution for uninterrupted phone and video conference calls in a noisy office environment. If you are tired of being constantly interrupted during important phone and video conference calls the Penelope Phone Booth is the perfect solution for creating a private and peaceful space to conduct your business.  The Penelope family of office pods is designed to provide you with a dedicated area where you can focus without any disruptions. But that’s not all. My Office Pod goes the extra mile to ensure your experience is exceptional. We offer a wide range of standard and optional extras to personalize and enhance your time in the Penelope Phone Booth.

Embrace productivity like never before with the Penelope Phone Booth. It’s time to reclaim your concentration and make every call count. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to uninterrupted communication with the Penelope Phone Booth.




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