Defying convention and embracing creativity, Loook Industries’ furniture breaks free from the constraints of the industry. They prioritise inspiration over financial dictates, crafting pieces that truly reflect their storytelling prowess. Loook products serve a purpose, but they also possess a unique personality that captivates and delights. Join them on their journey as they transform the art of furniture-making into an immersive and expressive experience.

Storytellers designing products with meaning

Loook Industries design products with purpose. They are not furniture makers, they are storytellers! They create a bigger narrative for their creations. Each design has been crafted from all the things we surround ourselves with and has a story to tell, giving their innovative designs a new meaning.


Loook Industries furniture collection covers a wide range of product types from pods, tables and modular seating to chairs, sofas and poufs. Some of the more popular models include the Neuron Activation Pod, Box Sofa & Box Lounger options for relaxation and cozy lounging. Not forgetting the Bulldog and Tiny T seating ranges, loved by many in business lounges and chill-out areas across the world.


Loook Industries are revolutionising design for a mobile lifestyle. In a world where stress and sleep are compromised and privacy is diminishing, they saw the need for change. Loook’s mission is to create innovative designs that seamlessly integrate technology and prioritise privacy. Get ready to experience a new era of convenience and tranquility. Loook is here to transform the way we live and move.

Inviting – Discover furniture that is instantly likeable. Loook designs effortlessly attract attention with their appealing shapes, colours, and textures. Practical and Functional – Find out how Loook furniture can enhance productivity and communication by providing noise reduction and a conducive environment for meaningful discussions. Cozy and Relaxing – Loook furniture designs create a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to truly be yourself, focus on tasks, and easily connect with others. Spark your imagination with Loook furniture and their products like, Box Lounger and Neuron Activation Pod. Their designs and services create the perfect space for you to excel, no matter your needs or desires. Find inspiration wherever you are.


With a focus on both ecological and social development, Loook Industries are dedicated to caring for our planet and its people. By creating products with a long life cycle and using high quality materials from reputable companies that are recyclable and renewable, Loook are making a positive impact. From design to delivery and throughout the product lifecycle, Loook always considers the environment. Through continuous improvements and strict requirements for suppliers and themselves, they are working towards minimising their ecological footprint.