Experience the upmost quality in modern office furniture designed with the 21st-century employee in mind. Narbutas, is a Lithuanian-based company with a global outlook, offering a range of modern workspaces and office space solutions tailored to each customer. Not only does Narbutas office furniture provide a touch of elegance with innovative features, they also design quality and modern workspaces while also improving productivity. Discover the secret to their remarkable success: A motivated team and the right strategy!

Narbutas: Designing and creating modern, durable and functional furniture

Narbutas’s priority is sustainability, functionality, and durability, making them a leading and desirable choice in a meeting area or office. Discover their dynamic approach to workspace solutions that include desks, chairs, and the pod range. They provide meaningful innovations for office interiors, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere and adding more versatility to relaxation areas and meeting room spaces.

Office Furniture – Unlock Inspiration:

Narbutas’ mission is to bring inspiring meeting spaces to modern offices. Meeting areas and chairs have become increasingly important in todays modern office not only for a quiet place for focusing and time-out but for extended meetings or giving presentations virtually or in person. With a dedicated team of professionals, they develop high-end, convenient, functional solutions and well designed accessories for modern office. Experience the difference and unleash your creativity.

Maximising spaces and increasing production capacity are top priorities for Narbutas. Each year, they invest in automation and robotisation to achieve these goals. By adopting state-of-the-art technologies, they not only streamline their manufacturing process but also improve the speed of order production. They meticulously develop and test all their solutions, ensuring the highest standard of furniture quality. Ultimately, Narbutas is committed to providing their customers with exceptional products, aiming for their utmost satisfaction.

Innovative Product Design

Putting the client first, Narbutas design office furniture that meets the clients needs. With a keen eye on global trends and office environment, they thoroughly research employee’s requirements to build environmentally friendly and user-friendly office interior products. Their goal is to offer functional and beautifully designed furniture while ensuring their customers only pay for what they truly need. Their design philosophy is all about eliminating anything unnecessary. Their pod range offers multiple sizes of free standing office pods along with accessories to compliment your workspace such as meeting table, chairs and desks.

Experience the perfect blend of stylish Italian design, subtle Scandinavian minimalism, and natural Lithuanian cosiness with Narbutas. Their dedicated team of designers and innovators collaborate with renowned talents from Lithuania, Italy, Denmark, Japan, and beyond to create exceptional products. Narbutas’s longstanding partnerships with international experts yield outstanding results you won’t find anywhere else.

Commitment To The Environment

Experience quality like never before with Narbutas office products. Their desks, chairs, and additional accessories meet the highest international standards and come with certified proof. Rest easy knowing that Narbutas office furniture is not only safe and durable but also designed to provide ergonomic comfort.