Acoustic pods

Open plan offices are a great concept of modern work life, they allow and encourage open communication and equality by getting rid of the old, hierarchy based offices and meeting rooms. However, this openness has come with sacrifices to privacy, as well as concentration and focus as workers are often disrupted by the noises by phone calls, passers-by, informal and formal chats around the office. The quickest, most practical and economical solution to this issue is to add one or more office pod to an open space. Office pods are available in a variety of sizes and formats to fulfil a variety of purposes, such as small phone booths for quick phone calls, larger and more comfortable work pods for prolonged individual work.

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One of the best qualities of office pods, particularly in comparison with common enclosed offices and meeting rooms, are the acoustic materials used in their construction and that help turn normal pods into acoustic pods. To explain further, acoustic materials are a variety of fabrics, glass, foams and other components that are used to quiet office pods and to reduce the noise generated inside and outside acoustic pods. 

Many of the acoustic pods in the market come in a variety of finishes to create the desired look and ambiance and the range from natural wood veneer to upholstered walls available in many different colours. Regardless of the preferred finish, all acoustic pods are lined or covered with sound absorbing materials that are designed to absorb sound energy and stop it from bouncing around and reflecting off the surfaces inside the office pod. These materials are generally applied to walls, roof and floor. The sound absorption of Acoustic Pods varies from product to product and it is quantified by their decibel rating, or in other words the measuring of the intensity of noise. 

Acoustic Pods, be it phone booths, work pods or meeting pods, are the perfect option to add privacy and quietness to any open space. Acoustic Pods can instantly fix the problems created by the open plan office workplace, they will make sure confidentiality protocols are followed and users can work in secure and protective environments.