What are Zoom Pods and why should I get one?

Zoom Pods used for video calls in the office

What are Zoom Pods and what are the benefits

In recent times Zoom calls have become a common and often the preferred path of communication between colleagues. In 2020 the popularity of Zoom grew exponentially, reaching on average 350 million daily meeting participants. Similarly, other software companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Google worked hard to catch up on video chat technology, offering vastly better products than they did before. 

These figures are no surprise, video calls are a great tool for businesses, as they instantly connect colleagues from all over the globe in an economical and practical manner. Furthermore, unlike normal phone calls, zoom calls help bring meetings to life, making colleagues bond more efficiently, by putting faces to names and voices. 

However, though video calls are great, they can also be disruptive in open plan spaces, causing constant distractions and breaking concentration levels of workers nearby. They can also become unprofessional when noise and busy environments can constantly get in the way of having a serious work conversation. The ideal solution for this problem are Zoom Pods. In very simple terms Zoom Pods provide small rooms within rooms that can easily substitute individual offices, but unlike traditional built-in offices, Zoom Pods are free standing and they do not require long and expensive building plans. Most Zoom Pods are also flat packed so they can fit into constrained spaces, without having to knock out walls or cause more disruption. Zoom pods can also be disassembled, moved around and reassembled, so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

Key attributed of Zoom Pods

Zoom Pods are also fully equipped to cover all the necessities of workers. Most Work Pods come fitted with integrated desks, that are as efficient as the standard desks you would find in any office and many go even further to procure workers well being by including height adjustable desks. A few Work Pods also come with integrated cushioned seats that support users posture, providing comfort and an adequate seating structure. Zoom Pods also come integrated with motion activated lights, making sure video calls are well lightened, as well as ventilation systems, that create a welcoming environment. They can also be fitted with a variety of power and data connection sockets, that allow workers to engage in long video calls without having to worry about running out of battery.

Zoom Pods are also ideal for video calls thanks to the levels of sound absorption they can provide, most are constructed with acoustic materials in the form of upholstered panels on the walls and ceilings and/or with double glazed front walls and doors that allow for a clear view between interior and exterior.

On top of being convenient and efficient, zoom pods are also clever structures with interesting and varied designs that can make a real difference to the look and feel of any office space.  Zoom Pods come in a variety of finishes from wood veneer to create a natural and neutral look, or a variety of melamine colours to create fun and funky designs. A few Work Pods can also be fully upholstered in a variety of finishes, and a few are available with easy clean or with anti virus surfaces, helping keep clients safe and protected while working. 

So should you get a Zoom Pod?

Zoom Pods are undoubtedly the ideal structures to create quiet and private spaces for workers to engage in video calls, today’s most common way of  business communication. Zoom Pods can instantly and easily add private spots, equipped with everything needed to make confidential and professional video calls, users can work efficiently and within the greatest comfort even during the longest zoom calls.