T.PI Bed
T.PI Bed
T.PI Bed


The TPI Bed extends an enticing invitation for a moment of serene tranquility and an invigorating energy recharge right at your workspace. Clearly understanding that the modern workplace is not just about relentless work and hustle but also about mindful pauses, TPI Bed introduces a revolutionary way to transform downtime into productivity.

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TPI Bed is a creative and original resting space for time out


Dimensions: 2060w x 1450h x 650d mm (1 person)

  • Portable, ergonomic design for comfortable sleep
  • Chaise Longue structure with foam padding
  • Quality textile finishes are available in a variety of colours
  • Cleanable, anti-bacterial fabric
  • Exterior can be removed to leave free seat


The concept of ‘micro-napping’ in the workplace has been globally acknowledged as a game changer. Seen as a potential lifesaver and a silent power booster, this concept of incorporating breaks, however momentary, into our work routine gives the mind and body a much-needed respite, recharges the human batteries, and gears us up for the challenges ahead.

With TPI Bed, this is not just a futuristic concept but a reality we bring into your workplaces. Our offerings sync seamlessly with the ever-evolving quest for enhanced work-life balance and overall wellbeing at work.

Improved Productivity

By integrating invigorating breaks with your work schedule, TPI Bed ensures that productivity is not hampered, but rather enhanced. It encourages one to take those essential power naps in between chaotic work hours. These moments of pause are the secret to renewed energy, sharper focus, and increased productivity.

So, step into the world of TPI Bed, a haven designed exclusively for the modern-day professionals, and experience how we transform every workday into a harmonious blend of work and relaxation.

Superior Comfort

Experience an unprecedented level of comfort with our ultra-light, ergonomically designed portable sleep pod. This unique piece has been carefully crafted to allow you the luxury of indulging in some well-deserved relaxation, while remaining hidden away from the rest of the world. Nestle yourself into the warm, cozy space it creates, providing an sanctuary for those moments when you crave serenity and calm.

The Nap pod’s structure echoes the elegant design of a classic chaise longue, seamlessly moulded from a single piece of high-quality foam. Not only does this lend it an air of understated sophistication, but it ensures remarkable comfort. It manages to strike the perfect balance between plushness and firmness, making it the ultimate lounge companion.

Better Sleep With Contouring Foam

What sets this portable Sleep Pod apart, however, is its unique ability to aid in the monitoring of sleep time. The firm comfort it provides subtly encourages better sleep habits, with the contouring foam cradling the body in such a way that promotes relaxation and deep, tranquil sleep.

Ideal for those seeking to optimise their rest, this feature allows users to keep track of their sleeping pattern, promoting improved sleep quality and overall health.

In conclusion, this portable Nap pod offers more than just comfort, it extends the promise of a personalised haven of relaxation, while also aiding in sleep regulation. Be it for a quick power nap or a deep, rejuvenating slumber, it promises to be your perfect companion. Lightweight, sleekly designed, and incredibly comfortable, our portable sleeper is truly a game-changer.

Designed on the principle of a tent

The TPI Bed brings forth a unique vision, masterfully blending the principles of tent construction with contemporary design aesthetics. The resulting passenger compartment is a testament to flexibility and utility. Crafted meticulously from intricately sewn fabric planes and robust metal tubes, this innovative piece offers an exclusive space that ensures solitude, without the anxiety of confinement.

The inherent flexibility of the design allows for effortless manipulation suiting the user’s needs. Whether you wish to create a serene private space or an open, inviting area, it executes every function with aplomb.

Further invoking the artful minimalism, the TPI Bed’s design banks on subtlety, while not compromising on sophistication. The elegance of simple sewing details, the rich feel of quality textile finishes, together with a generous palette of colors, contribute to its distinct charm.

This flexible furniture piece strives to fit into any ambient environment seamlessly. It conforms to the existing decor, making it a versatile choice for any setting, be it a modern apartment, a traditional home, or a plush office.

In the light of recent health concerns, it’s worth noting the TPI Bed’s adaptability to use easily cleanable anti-bacterial fabric. This innovative feature is a testament to the product’s commitment to hygiene and wellness. It ensures that the surrounding environment stays clean, making it an excellent choice against health constraints. This blend of unique design, versatility, and hygiene makes the TPI Bed an unparalleled choice for modern living.



Metal structure and fabrics


Foam HR structure and fabric Atlantic Gabriel®, others fabrics available

Additional Extras:

Connecting system an option

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