Abstracta, the pioneers of acoustics, have been revolutionizing soundscapes for almost 50 years. Their diverse range of solutions caters to every environment and requirement. From elegantly crafted sound-absorbent screens to cutting-edge furniture with integrated acoustic properties, Abstracta have it all. Working closely with renowned designers and architects, they continuously push boundaries to engineer the ultimate sound experience. Explore Abstracta’s world of better soundscapes today.

Leaders in acoustic solutions, creating better soundscapes

Abstracta Products

Bringing together the perfect blend of sound and style, Abstracta products are crafted in partnership with cutting-edge designers, transforming your everyday audio into extraordinary soundscapes. From silent pods, floor and desk acoustic screens, acoustic wall panels and furniture to acoustic lighting a popular choice with architects and wall art, Abstracta provide a unique showcase of products to suit all. Working with influential contemporary designers, they have developed an innovative acoustic range, proving they are acoustic pioneers in the industry.

Design & Manufacturing

Abstracta create superior exquisite Swedish furniture crafted in Småland and enjoyed by customers worldwide. Abstracta are discovering innovative solutions and maximizing value through attentive design. Attentive design is all about uncovering overlooked problems and finding better ways to solve familiar ones. It’s not just about innovation for the sake of it, but about how a product can truly enhance our experience. With a curious and probing mindset, attentive design explores adding acoustic value to furniture, using manufacturing materials that contribute to biodiversity, and enhancing product functionality for maximum versatility. Abstracta elevates the aesthetics of a space.

Green Goals

Abstractas business is centered around well-being, including the welfare of future generations and the planet. Sustainability is an integral part of their work, and they are dedicated to achieving their goals. Abstractas team of skilled suppliers and creative designers share their commitment to sustainability and soundscapes. Abstracta also have a focus on sustainability, aiming to be carbon neutral and recycling all textile wastes by 2030.