Fantoni have harnessed the power of a precious resource: wood. Embracing a sustainable future, they prioritise the environment and humanity. Fantoni Group stands as a global market leader in producing Fantoni products that include top-notch sound-absorbent systems, laminates and melamine papers, office systems, and MDF and chipboard panels. Under the banner of Fantoni, La-con, Lesonit & Patt, their companies unite, driven by a common philosophy, focus, and shared values. Stay ahead of the game with their adaptable modular structure options that effortlessly keep up with the latest technology and ever-changing work environments.

Unlocking innovation in office furniture for five generations

Fantoni are creating office furniture solutions and interior space that perfectly meet their customers needs in terms of comfort, sound, air quality, and lighting. They collaborate with companies and institutions across the market and globe to provide comprehensive and tailored designs. Fantoni help to produce healthier and more comfortable workplace by blending innovative new materials, ergonomic research, and sustainable design practices.

Quality People

Fantoni are building a strong industrial organisation with a forward-thinking mindset, connecting businesses with strong local ties and a global perspective. Fantoni are creating integrated office furniture systems that prioritises quality in every aspect of business, from sustainable energy to efficient logistics. Fantoni embrace sustainability and embrace the circular economy as a strategic framework for all company operations.

Research & Developement

At Fantoni Group, they are dedicated to constant research and development, with a focus to improve their processes, systems, and range of products. Fantoni’s passion for architectural and design culture is evident in their expanding industrial campus. Fantoni have a strong code of workplace and business ethics that is shared by everyone in the company. Their main goal is to prioritise the well-being of both employees and their clients. Fantoni Group aim for a commitment to excellence in everything they do. Experience the dynamic and ever-changing office landscape, where spaces, people, and relationships seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.

Sustainable Development

Fantoni put sustainability first. When using wood-based materials for their furniture, Fantoni prioritise environmental awareness. From resource selection to production process management, they take responsibility for their environmental impact. Their focused investment policy has allowed them to grow while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency. Through ongoing research, we have also increased the use of recycled resources materials and eco-friendly production processes, resulting in durable and safe products for our customers.