Frem Group

Frem embarked on an exciting journey of creating and producing their own extraordinary offerings, forging a reputation for premium quality, problem-solving design and manufacturing.

Frem Group – 35 years of experience and excellence

In 1989, visionary CEO Bryan Daisy, alongside his partner-in-crime, Claire, laid the foundation for what was to become a game changer in the UK’s work place solutions market – Frem. Originating as a humble importer of Danish furniture, Bryan quickly recognised the constraints of such a model. This was the turning point. His ambition was to shake things up; to provide businesses with innovative, pre-designed solutions as well as bespoke answers to their office furniture and storage needs. And thus, under Bryan and Claire’s nurturing guidance, Frem sprouted, blooming into one of the UK’s premier designers and manufacturers in its field.

In-house manufacturing

At Frem Group, they command every phase of the furniture production journey, from the meticulous selection of their raw materials to proficient processing and flawless finishing. Their hands-on approach consolidates all tasks in-house, not outsourcing a single process. With meticulous control over every detail, they guarantee that each piece of our furniture not only meets but exceeds the high standards they’ve set, presenting you with a final product that harmoniously marries structural integrity with captivating aesthetics.


At Frem, they are steadfast in their mission to shape a healthier world. They place priority on the artful crafting of products from recyclable materials, or those backed with a bona fide chain-of-custody certification, in an effort to safeguard our planet. Being champions of sustainable development, it is inherently woven into the fabric of their design process. Theye’re not just passive onlookers, they are active seekers of innovative solutions to trim waste, conserve energy and shrink our carbon footprint. With Frem, you are investing in a better future for all.