Hully Pods

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Hully Pods – Exceeding expectations in the Outdoor Pods industry

Where It Began

As Hully Pods founder Aidan set out to create a glamping room, he embarked on a voyage of imagination, drawing inspiration from a boat’s graceful hull. By skillfully blending boat-building techniques with a deep understanding of marine materials, he brought to life the very first Hully Garden Pod. Since those early days, the Hully team has flourished, welcoming talented craftspeople into the fold and leaving a trail of satisfied customers across the enchanting landscapes of Ireland & the UK. Today, their passion for designing and crafting unique Pods continues to drive them forward, ensuring unforgettable experiences for all who seek the perfect blend of comfort and adventure in nature’s embrace.

The Heritage of Boat Building

At Hully, they pride themselves on blending traditional techniques with modern sensibilities to craft extraordinary spaces for contemporary living. Their skilled craftspeople meticulously handcraft each Pod in our workshop situated on the scenic banks of the River Itchen in Southampton, employing expert boat-building techniques specific to their trade. With unwavering attention to detail, Hully creates unique and captivating environments that seamlessly merge artistry and functionality.


Every year, a staggering amount of over eight million metric tons of plastic is carelessly dumped into our oceans, posing an imminent threat to our precious marine wildlife. At Hully, they have taken a conscientious decision to distance themselves from the sale of products manufactured using virgin plastics. Instead, they have embraced an eco-friendly approach by crafting Hully Pods from recycled materials, offering discarded plastics a renewed and meaningful purpose. Remarkably, each Skipjack Pod incorporates the recycling of an impressive quantity of more than one thousand 500-ml plastic bottles, while each Dory involves recycling over three hundred. By indulging in these sustainable practices, not only are they contributing to the preservation of our planet, but they are also ensuring that waste plastics embark on a fascinating journey of transformation, capturing the essence of purpose and sustainability.