IntoConcept is a Finnish furniture company specialising in acoustic design and founded by designers Hanna Gullstén and Jari Inkinen. They design and develop modular pod meeting rooms and furniture and space solutions. Into Concepts’ goal is to address the various issues caused by the lack of support spaces in open areas and learning environments to meet, focus and collaborate.

IntoConcept – Furniture and space solutions designed with passion

Regardless of the country, office interior design and work culture both require functionality, good acoustics, and ergonomic workspaces. That’s where Into the Nordic Silence comes in. Their product family offers timeless and high-quality furniture and Pods that meet these needs. For example, all seat dimensions are designed to promote healthy working postures, and their POD rooms have excellent acoustics.

Pod Rooms

Be part of enhanced work comfort and efficiency in open spaces with IntoConcepts innovative modular office POD space solutions. These cutting-edge spaces provide both acoustic and visual protection, perfect for meetings and focused work for colleagues. The modular design allows for installation without any alterations to existing structures or walls, and the addition of wheels means they can be effortlessly relocated to different spaces when needed.


Timeless and adaptable products await you in the IntoConcept product family. With their clean-lined intelligent design and clever building process, these offerings are sure to impress. Their POD rooms are easily customisable to suit any building decor and end-user branding. Choose from a range of specified colours and materials to create the perfect space.

Into Concept products are the perfect solution for uninterrupted solo work and collaborative team efforts. Experience the freedom to create flexible and functional workspaces that harmoniously accommodate both. Unleash your potential with limitless possibilities.


IntoConcept furniture selection has been honoured with the Fennia Prize Honourable Mention award, recognising its exceptional timeless design and innovation. The Fennia Prize is a prestigious competition for companies and organisations committed to creating top-quality products and services. Selected companies are recognised for their forward-thinking and responsible design practices.

Sustainable Development

Experience the future of sustainable development with IntoConcept’s innovative modular POD space solutions and timeless furniture design. Their cutting-edge POD rooms not only reduce environmental impact during construction but also provide versatile and flexible spaces for any need. Join them in their mission to revolutionise the industry.