Taiga Concept

Taiga’s pods are designed as free-standing, modular designs with a simple Scandinavian aesthetic providing a natural workspace. Taiga has been producing products at one with nature sine its foundation in 2015. Delve into the tranquility of a Nordic forest with Taiga Concept’s soundproof space solutions. Inspired by nature, their minimalistic and functional workspaces can be tailored to fit any office. From phone booths to conference rooms and larger modular solutions, their comprehensive portfolio covers all your office space needs. Whatever project you are planning, the innovative modular design makes anything possible for your workspace.

Taiga Concept – Creating stunning office space needs around the world


Achieve a seamless integration into any office with Taiga Concept Lohko workspaces. Their minimalistic design and customizable options create a perfect fit. Elevate the ambiance with Taiga’s signature veneer finishing for a natural touch including the positive aspects of nature. Taiga have created an intuitive workspace with smart electrics that respond to your presence. Take control of your offices and environment by easily adjusting airflow and lights, or have the booth automate it for you. From Lohko Phone Booth to Lohko Flex and larger office pod models, Taiga’s product portfolio is vast and can be customized to suit clients specific needs.

Enjoy constant freshness with Lohko products and their powerful ventilation systems providing constant fresh air. CO2 sensor actively monitors air quality for optimal health and wellbeing. Introducing Lohko Pure technology, the ultimate defense against bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, keeping your air and surfaces pristine.


Discover excellence with Taiga Concept meticulously crafted products. We prioritize simplicity and maintain exceptional quality, ensuring every office pod is of the highest standard. Our solutions are customizable, incorporating cutting-edge technology and backed by continuous product research. Expect nothing short of a competitive advantage for all your client needs. Taigas Lohko range is not only versatile and adaptable, creating a better working environment, it also meets the needs of the modern workplace.


Experience a whole new level of efficiency and customer satisfaction with Taiga’s eco-friendly and budget-friendly global operations. Their scalable ordering, production, and delivery processes are designed to meet your specific needs every step of the way.


Uncompromising quality is Taiga Concepts top priority. We go above and beyond to source materials that meet the highest regulations and conduct thorough research and testing to ensure their products surpass current standards.