Cellpod V2 Phone Booth

Cellpodv2 Phone Booth

Cell PodV2 phone booths are a great addition to an open-plan office. This insulated acoustic phone booth compliments any office space and is a great addition if collaboration spaces are required. This compact private meeting space has an air circulation system as standard, along with a power module and an ecophon acoustic ceiling. Requiring no planning permission, the CellPodV2 is an excellent solution for creating privacy and collaboration. Businesses are looking to improve their work environments, and the CellPodV2 is a great choice for office meeting pods. Easy to install, these phone booths offer a quiet location for video calls and personal business.


An excellent solution for creating privacy and collaboration


Dimensions: 1140w x 2460h x  1140d mm (1 person)

  • Upholstered panels in a variety of colours
  • Exterior options in black, white and silk grey
  • Ventilation system is included
  • LED lighting system activated by infared sensor
  • Integrated Twin power with USB sockets
  • Automated opening of booth roof
  • Recyclable – The CellPod range is 99% recyclable
  • Acoustic glass panels and single glazed acoustic Aluminium framed door with drop seal

Cellpodv2 Phone Booth

Cell Pod Meeting Pods are innovative solutions that go beyond traditional office setups. By creating focused room-in-rooms, these pods provide an immersive environment for enhanced concentration and productivity. With the unique ability to eliminate distractions without disconnecting from the surrounding environment, Cell Pods offer a seamless experience. Not only do they ensure uninterrupted workflow for those inside the the Pod system, but they also emanate excellent acoustic properties that eliminate distractions for those outside cell pod. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to a new level of focus and collaboration with Cell Pods – the ultimate solution for modern workplace productivity.

CellPod offers an exceptional solution for creating work environments that balance privacy and collaboration. With their innovative design, these freestanding units are equipped with a demountable panel system and a sturdy structural framework, ensuring easy installation and reconfiguration as the needs of your organization evolve. Discover the versatility of CellPod and transform your workplace space into a dynamic hub that fosters productivity and creativity.

At CellPod, we go beyond standard configurations of office furniture, offering a customizable system designed to your exact specifications. Experience unparalleled solutions that cater to your needs, whether you require a private workspace for focused productivity or a fully-equipped meeting room for collaborative environments. Our innovative technology ensures privacy, isolation, and seamless integration, allowing you to unleash your full potential. With CellPod, the possibilities are limitless, making work exciting and rewarding.

Experience a noise-reduced and private environment with our state-of-the-art pod. Our acoustic panels, available in a variety of finishes, not only enhance style but also eliminate unnecessary noise. Step into a functional workspace complete with a built-in table and seat, designed to optimize your productivity.

With the Clara meeting pod – excellence is non-negotiable. Crafted with meticulous care by skilled UK craftsmen, this functional, sleek and stylish design visually appealing product sets the highest standards.

This booth is manufactured with the upmost pride in commitment to exceptional quality, leaving no room for compromise. With carefully chosen, top-quality materials, the Clara meeting pod is built to last. Elevate your meetings with confidence. Overhead LED light ensures visibility and clarity within the booth and activates automatically.

Sound insulation is maintained throughout the whole Clara acoustic meeting pod, with commercial carpet on the booth floor, sound insulating foam and fabric acoustic panels with matching fabric roof. The tempered glass door on the Clara acoustic meeting pod provides additional security along with the magnetic door seal to make this phone booth a functional workspace. Bespoke branding options are available for corporate offices or companies who would require further customisation.

Privacy and Collaboration Spaces

Privacy booths play a crucial role in enabling office workers to reflect and concentrate on brainstorming innovative ideas. Not only that, but contrary to common misconceptions, office pods can actually foster collaborative ideation within a group, sparking vibrant discussions and creative exchanges between colleagues. The Cellpods are secluded spaces within offices that provide an invaluable opportunity for individuals to recharge their creative energy, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and a more stimulating work environment.

Blazer Lite Fabric Upholstery

Blazer Lite, an exquisite variation of the Blazer upholstery fabric, boasts a lighter weight, making it ideal for adorning desk screens, panels, and other vertical surfaces. With its felted, milled finish, this remarkable fabric offers a magnificent range of colors, including mélange mixes, plain shades, captivating pastels, and iridescent brights. Whether you seek an elegant touch or a vibrant statement, Blazer Lite is sure to elevate your pod with its unparalleled charm and visual allure. Experience the beauty integrated power of Blazer Lite as it transforms your office pods, leaving a lasting impression.




10mm foam*
10mm tempered glass
Fabric upholstery*
Acoustic timber*

Choose from: bamboo, cork, Archisonic and Foresso.


18mm spruce ply
9mm MDF


Acoustic foam*
Fabric upholstery*
MFC board
Carpet tiles*

*materials meet and exceed UK fire rating standards

Motion sensor:

Ventilation and lighting work from motion sensors keeping private and comfortable space in the pod energy efficient

Power & Ventilation:

Standard 3 pin UK socket

A wide range of internal power options are available including standard UK sockets to USBC & 3 pin

Fan can remove and replace over 100 cubic feet of air per minute

Noise rating of 26d

Fabrics & finishes:

Choice of thousands of fabric colours and styles

Range of wood and metal finishes

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