Mobile pods

The traditional office space composed of various private offices, generally for high level executives and a number of desks, usually in the form of cubicles to add some privacy have been replaced by open plan layouts.

This switch has come with both benefits and disadvantages, while it is great to have an open view of the entire office and a figural dismissal of hierarchies, open plan offices are often noisy and extremely busy with little or no private and quiet spaces where to escape from the workplace chaos. The more common solution would be to add private offices and meeting rooms by building these offices within the exciting space, however, this can be truly problematic.

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Mobile Office Pods

One of the main issues with built-in offices is the cost, it can be expensive to construct rooms from scratch, it is also time consuming and disruptive to workers. It can also be complicated and laborious to navigate through endless building regulations and get the right construction permits.

What makes this even worse is that the investment made in building private offices will be completely lost as soon as you need to move offices. A great solution for this problem is to opt for an office pod, the obvious reason being that work pods are fully enclosed and self-sufficient, free-standing units that instantly provide a room within a room, without the need for expensive and time consuming building works.

In fact, the main benefit office pods offer companies in this respect is that they are completely mobile units.

Are Mobile Office Pods the right choice for you?


What are Mobile Office Pods, and are all pods mobile?


The vast majority of office pods available in the market, be it a phone booth, a work pod, a meeting pod or meeting booth, are delivered flat packed and are assembled in situ. Depending on what the work pod or meeting booth will be used for it can have integrated furniture like seating or a desk.

This characteristic is helpful in multiple ways, firstly because it makes the work pods easy to fit into most spaces, even through narrow doorways, staircases and/or lifts. Secondly, because most office pods need to be assembled this means they can also be disassembled and thus flat packed again.

So in simple terms, yes, pretty much all pods are mobile as they are sturdy, freestanding units, meaning they are not affixed to the construction of a given building, on the contrary, they are freestanding and ready to move around. Thanks to this, buying a pod is a one-off investment that can be taken with you whenever your current space situation changes.

Creating a portable office, how easy is it to move mobile pods around? 


There are two ways in which an office pod can be mobile. For example, if you are changing offices from one location to another, the safest and most practical way to relocate your pod would be to disassemble it, securely pack all its individual components, transport it into your new location, and once in situ reassemble it.

Though this might sound like hard work, you would only need to get back in touch with us and we’ll take care of all the logistics, by organizing a team of expert installation technicians to manage the move and re-installation, we’ll make sure moving your phone booth or pod will be as easy as when you first purchased it. Cost-wise, this process will also be cheaper than building a whole room, and of course faster.

Another flexible way in which you can move around mobile pods is by using castors. Many popular pod models come with integrated, heavy duty castors that make it  easier to move your office phone booth and pods within your existing space. This is an easy and quick way to adapt to the changing needs of your organization by re-organizing your space, especially with the introduction and increase of hybrid and remote work.

Why is it useful to have Mobile Pods in my office?


Mobile meeting Pods or work pods are practical and adaptable, on top of their capability to move around, mobile pods are available in a variety of sizes and formats. If you are looking for compact, single occupancy pods for small meetings, phone and video calls and/or individual focused work, you can choose from a wide range of mobile phone booths, work pods and mobile work pods.

On the contrary, if you need larger spaces for team meetings you can go for later units such as meeting pods, or open meeting booths. You can also have a combination of mobile pods in different formats to make sure all your office needs are covered.

Modern organizations are always changing, their staff numbers can fluctuate constantly, and with rising costs in leases, many office managers are forced to move constantly, seeking better a more cost-effective workspace.

Though your company might make changes, whatever your specific meeting and working needs are be it, hybrid or remote work, getting one or more mobile pods will make sure your investment is protected because you will be able to take your pod(s) with you wherever you go.