Cellpod V2 Small

Cellpodv2 Meeting Pod Small

CellPodV2  Meeting Pod Small offers an exceptional solution for creating privacy and collaboration spaces in work environments. These freestanding units are ingeniously designed with a structural framework and a demountable panel system, ensuring easy installation and effortless reconfiguration as an organization’s needs evolve. With CellPod, your workspace becomes dynamic, adaptable, and stimulating – a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Experience the convenience and versatility that CellPod brings to open plan office, revolutionizing the way you work and collaborate.


Freestanding units ingeniously designed for collaboration and productivity


Dimensions: 2450w x 2460h x 1810d mm (4-6 people)

  • Structural framework in standard EPC
  • Glazing panels, 10.8mm clear acoustic glass
  • Upholstered panels in Blazer, Blazer Lite or Synergy
  • Integrated power – Twin power and twin USB A and C 30A
  • Single glazed Acoustic Aluminium framed door with drop seal
  • Ecophon acoustic ceiling
  • LED lighting system activated by PIR
  • Door handing and location to be specified
  • Air circulation system

Cellpodv2 Meeting Pod Small

The CellPodV2 Meeting Pod Small offers an array of custom configurations tailored to your unique needs. Whether you seek a private and secluded workspace or a fully equipped meeting room, CellPod provides a range of unrivaled solutions.

With its cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities, CellPod promises an unmatched experience that fosters productivity, privacy, safety and collaborative environments. Discover the endless possibilities that CellPod offers to revolutionize your workspace and elevate your work experience like never before.

Introducing CellV2 Pods, the game-changer in modern offices and workplace productivity. These remarkable devices offer far more than just an uninterrupted workflow for individuals on the inside. With their exceptional acoustic properties, Cell Pods effectively eliminate distractions for those on the outside as well.

No more pesky interruptions, no more compromising your focus. Say hello to a whole new level of collaboration and concentration. With Cell Pods, you can experience the ultimate solution that takes your business productivity to new heights.

Embrace the future of work and discover the wonders of Cell Pods. Revolutionize your workplace and unlock a realm of enhanced efficiency, unmatched productivity, and seamless collaboration. Say goodbye to mundane routines and hello to a dynamic, engaging work environment. The possibilities are endless when you embrace the power of Cell Pods.



10mm foam*
10mm tempered glass
Fabric upholstery*
Acoustic timber*

Choose from: bamboo, cork, Archisonic and Foresso.


18mm spruce ply
9mm MDF


Acoustic foam*
Fabric upholstery*
MFC board
Carpet tiles*

*materials meet and exceed UK fire rating standards

Motion sensor:

Ventilation and lighting work from motion sensors keeping private and comfortable space in the pod energy efficient

Power & Ventilation:

Standard 3 pin UK socket

A wide range of internal power options are available including standard UK sockets to USBC & 3 pin

Fan can remove and replace over 100 cubic feet of air per minute

Noise rating of 26d

Fabrics & finishes:

Choice of thousands of fabric colours and styles

Range of wood and metal finishes

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