Cellpod V2 meeting pod

Cellpodv2 Work Pod

Cell PodV2 work pods are a great addition to an open-plan office. This insulated acoustic work pod compliments any office space and is a great addition if collaboration spaces are required. This focused private meeting space has an air circulation system as standard, along with a power module and an ecophon acoustic ceiling.

Requiring no planning permission, the CellPodV2 work pod is an excellent solution for creating privacy and collaboration. Businesses are looking to improve their work environments, and the CellPodV2 study booth meeting pod is a great choice for office meeting pods. Easy to install, these work pods offer a quiet location for team collaboration and personal business.


A compact work pod for two people with versatile demountable panels


Dimensions: 2450w x 2460h x 1140d mm (2 people)

  • Upholstered panels in a variety of colours
  • Exterior options in black, white and silk grey
  • A ventilation system is included
  • LED lighting system activated by an infrared sensor
  • Integrated Twin power with USB sockets
  • Automated opening of booth roof
  • Recyclable: The CellPod range is 99% recyclable

Cellpodv2 Work Pod

Introducing Cell Pod Meeting Pods – the revolutionary answer to mundane office setups. These innovative solutions transcend conventional boundaries by creating immersive room-in-rooms that elevate concentration and enhance productivity. Unprecedented in their ability to eliminate distractions while staying connected to the surrounding environment, Cell Pods offer a seamlessly captivating experience. Step into a world where focus meets inspiration, enabling you to unlock your full potential. With Cell Pod Meeting Pods, achieving greatness has never been more thrilling or rewarding.

Cell Pods are not just about providing an uninterrupted workflow for those inside the system, but they also boast exceptional acoustic properties that effectively eliminate distractions for those outside. Say goodbye to pesky interruptions and say hello to a whole new level of focus and collaboration. With Cell Pods, you can experience the ultimate solution for modern workplace productivity.

Whether you’re seeking a boost in efficiency or a more engaging environment, Cell Pods have got you covered. Take your productivity to new heights with this innovative solution that combines functionality and style in an unmatched way. Embrace the future of workspaces and discover how Cell Pods can transform your work-life experience.

CellPod offers a revolutionary solution for creating work environments that seamlessly combine privacy and collaboration. Designed with innovation in mind, these freestanding units feature a demountable panel system and a robust structural framework, enabling effortless installation and reconfiguration as your organization’s needs evolve.

Step into a world of boundless possibilities with CellPod, and witness the transformation of your workplace into a vibrant hub that ignites productivity and sparks creativity, fostering an atmosphere where ideas flourish and teams thrive.

At CellPod, they don’t settle for ordinary office furniture. Their mission is to provide a revolutionary, customizable system meticulously designed to meet your unique specifications. Whether you crave a concentrated haven for maximum productivity or a fully-equipped meeting room fostering collaboration, their unparalleled solutions have got you covered.

Office Pod Technology

Embracing state-of-the-art technology, their innovative designs ensure ultimate privacy, seamless integration, and a space that unleashes your full potential. LED lighting and infared controlled ventilation combined with power to keep connected and superior acoustics throughout the pod. With CellPod, the possibilities are truly limitless, making work an exhilarating and rewarding experience you won’t want to miss out on.


Privacy and Collaboration Spaces

Privacy booths play a crucial role in enabling office workers to reflect and concentrate on brainstorming innovative ideas. Not only that, but contrary to common misconceptions, office pods can actually foster collaborative ideation within a group, sparking vibrant discussions and creative exchanges between colleagues.

Cellpods are secluded spaces within offices that provide an invaluable opportunity for individuals to recharge their creative energy, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and a more stimulating work environment. These remarkable booths have become a sanctuary for modern professionals, a haven where ideas blossom and creative minds flourish. Step inside, and you’ll find an oasis, a retreat from the bustling open office, where distractions fade away and focus takes center stage.

It’s a space where thoughts intertwine, where innovation takes shape, and where breakthroughs are brought to life. With their sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and serene ambiance, CellPods redefine the concept of office and collaboration spaces within work. Experience the transformation yourself—step into a cellpod and unlock a world of unlimited inspiration and productivity.

Synergy Integrated power

The CellPodV2 Work Pod has adequate power options, which include twin power sockets and USB sockets for A and C connections. Optional additional power options include a power module bar to include 2 x power, USB, or HDMI with integrated power out.

Demountable Panel System

Besides the structural framework made from expanded polycarbonate, these work pods have demountable panels that are simple to install and can be reconfigured to changing needs. The panels are covered with Blazerlite felted upholstery, which boasts a lighter weight, making it ideal for adorning desk screens, panels, and other vertical surfaces.




Structural framework in Expanded Polycarbonate with automated opening roof


Power socket included with twin USB for A & C

Lighting & Ventilation

Infared activated LED lighting system and ventilation system

Optional Features:

Back painted glass panels, Sliding door, Dry wipe panel, Magnetic dry wipe panel, Back painted glass panels, Flat Screen/AV mounting support bracket and integrated power module, Ceiling mounted comfort cooling unit, Power module bar to include 2 x power/USB/HDMI

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