Oasis Atmos Phone Booth

Oasis Atmos Phone Booth

Introducing the new Oasis Atmos Phone Booth—an innovative solution designed with your office in mind. This state-of-the-art booth provides a peaceful environment for phone calls, video conferences, and uninterrupted work. Step into this serene, silent retreat and experience the perfect space for concentration and productivity. With its cutting-edge design and advanced acoustics, the Oasis Atmos Phone Booth ensures crystal-clear audio and visual clarity for all your communication needs. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to a more engaging and satisfying work experience.


Oasis Atmos Phone Booth – acoustic brilliance meets creativity


Dimensions: 1100w x 2250h x 1100d mm (1 person)

  • Superior acoustics are independently tested
  • The phone booth is fitted with castors
  • Standard external finish in various colour options
  • Upholstered internal panels in Camira fabric
  • Right-handed door with pull handle
  • Standing-height shelf: 300mmD x 1050mmH
  • Upholstered ceiling and carpet

Oasis Atmos Phone Booth

The Oasis Atmos Phone Booth is a game-changing workspace solution meticulously crafted to effortlessly cater to the diverse needs of today’s dynamic professionals. With its revolutionary design and unparalleled adaptability, this innovative phone booth embarks on a journey to transform the way we work.

Immerse yourself in its captivating charm as it redefines your phone calls and the meaning of productivity and collaboration. Join us on this thrilling ride as we unveil a fascinating world of endless possibilities and unrivaled convenience. Embrace the future of work with the Oasis Atmos Phone Booth – your gateway to a world of innovation and inspiration.

Oasis Atmos’s carefully designed product is packed with everything you need to ensure the best user experience. With a wide array of features and functionalities, you’ll be delighted by the exceptional level of engagement we offer. Experience our cutting-edge technology and unlock a world of possibilities, all within your reach.

With the help of castors, the pod gains the freedom to glide effortlessly across the office space, offering versatile mobility and convenience. This feature allows for seamless repositioning and fosters a dynamic and comfortable work environment where creativity and productivity flourish.

This innovative solution creates private spaces in a compact and cost-effective manner, offering a versatile and stylish option for individuals seeking practicality, convenience, and comfort. With the Atmos range, you can transform any space into a private sanctuary, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Experience the utmost functionality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, all wrapped up in one remarkable solution.

Incorporating a simple yet effective approach, the Oasis Atmos Phone Booth allows employees to enjoy uninterrupted work and much-needed privacy while providing a constant breath of fresh air to those inside. With its user-friendly design and seamless functionality, it offers a delightful experience that enhances the overall workplace ambiance. Implementing this solution not only ensures privacy but also uplifts employee well-being, fostering a vibrant and productive environment.

Oasis products are independently tested for acoustics to guarantee the utmost quality. With cutting-edge technology, they offer a remarkable 32 DSA (speech level reduction) and an outstanding 41 DnTw (sound insulation). Experience the best sound experience and enjoy the ultimate comfort. Be confident that Oasis Atmos products exceed your expectations in every way possible.

Oasis Soft Phone Booth

The complete Oasis range includes an array of different styles for all tastes. The Oasis Soft Phone Booth and the Oasis Linear Phone Booth are similar options in this selection.

The Oasis Atmos range offers a stunning variety of seven pods, meticulously designed to deliver a stylish, flexible, and cost-effective solution for today’s constantly evolving workspace. With their sleek aesthetics and versatile functionality, these pods are the epitome of workplace innovation. Their purposeful design ensures a peaceful environment, while your workspace remains dynamic and adaptable, fostering creativity and productivity. Experience the future of workspaces with the Oasis Atmos range, revolutionizing how you work and interact within your dynamic space and keeping you at the forefront of modern work trends.



Standard-finish upholstered or laminated external acoustic-lined panels

Pivot-hinged door

Upholstered internal

Toughened glass door with lever handle


Airflow: – 264.8m3/h (73.6 l/s) (156 CFM)

Air Change: – 57per/h

Ventilation: Above 200mm


Standard outlet: 240 VAC, 3.15 Amp

LED light 4000k and 300 lux lighting

Additional Extras

Kensho Stool is available in Camira colors; Sit/stand electric height adjustable shelf; an under-shelf power unit; Relocation wheel kit; a touch-screen display light and fan controller; and a variable light and fan controller.

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