Oasis Linear Phone Booth
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Oasis Linear Phone Booth

Transform your modern, open-plan office into a haven of privacy with the Oasis Linear Phone Booth. This innovative solution not only enhances your workspace but also adds style and flexibility to your environment. With its sleek design and cost-effective features, the Oasis linear phone booth offers a peaceful retreat for phone calls, video conferences, and uninterrupted work.


Oasis Linear Phone Booth is a flexible and cost-effective phone booth for phone calls and privacy


Dimensions: 1140w x 2250h x 1140d mm (1 person)

  • Doors can be situated left or right.
  • 10mm toughened glass on panels and door
  • Hydraulic self-closing hinged door
  • 300mm t-bar latch handle door
  • LED ceiling light with passive infra-red sensor
  • Acoustic-lined panels for superior soundproofing
  • Glazed back wall
  • Air circulation fan as standard

Oasis Linear Phone Booth

Imagine yourself stepping into this oasis, escaping the hustle and bustle of office life, and immersing yourself in a serene atmosphere conducive to productivity. The carefully crafted design of the linear phone booth itself also ensures that it blends seamlessly with your office aesthetic, delivering both functionality and elegance. Revolutionize your work experience with the Oasis Linear Phone Booth and enjoy the perfect balance of privacy and productivity.

The Oasis Linear Phone Booth is an extraordinary and cost-effective solution providing tranquility, privacy, and productivity in today’s bustling office environments. This incredible innovation not only provides a serene sanctuary for phone calls and video conferences but also adds a touch of elegance, style, and modernity to any workspace.

Whether you crave a quiet retreat to concentrate on your tasks or seek a stunning space to collaborate and communicate, these acoustically absorbent panels create an environment of utmost tranquility. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to enhanced focus and efficiency. So, why settle for the ordinary phone booth when you can embrace the extraordinary with the Oasis Linear Phone Booth?


The Oasis Linear Phone Booth is a remarkable and budget-friendly solution for creating enclosed workspaces and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work. This innovative design effortlessly stands directly on the office floor, eliminating the need for a base and allowing for effortless setup and relocation. Step inside and experience the peaceful environment for phone calls and perfectly placed ambient lighting. Breathe in the refreshing air created by the air circulation fan, ensuring a light, airy, and enjoyable environment. Discover a world where productivity and comfort intertwine, all within the confines of the Oasis linear phone booth.

These fully enclosed pods offer a comfortable and private space for you to relax and work. With a spacious interior and a glazed rear wall, natural light fills the pod, creating an airy and fresh atmosphere. Your comfort is prioritised by using high-quality, acoustically absorbent materials, ensuring a peaceful environment. The LED ceiling light provides ample illumination, and the air circulation system keeps the air fresh and pleasant.

For added convenience, a passive infrared sensor is included. The modular design allows for customization to meet your specific needs, including options for a latch handle door and veneer or laminate exteriors. On top of that, you’ll have access to advanced technology features like a 10″ touch screen control interface, multimedia options, and power units. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with these exceptional pods.





External panels are lined with acoustic panels and 10mm toughened glass. Anodised aluminium rounded corner posts


Optional power outlets are available, including double USB charger, HDMI and Cat6 connections


Air circulation fan with enhanced acoustic labyrinth air flow system ensuring the phone pod stays light fresh and airy

LED Lighting

Enclosed ceiling with LED lighting panel with passive infra-red sensor

Optional Extras

Door: Pivot hinged door with lever handle (right or left), Construction: Glazed back wall, Customised manifestations, Angled corner post, Lighting: Dimmable light switch, Ventilation: Fan-Controlled Regulator & Camira synergy fabric

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