Oasis Soft Social Booth
Oasis Soft Social Booth
Oasis Soft Social Booth
Oasis Soft Social Booth
Oasis Soft Social Booth
Oasis Soft Social Booth
Oasis Soft Social Booth
Oasis Soft Social Booth

Oasis Soft Social Booth

The Oasis Soft Social Booth is a truly remarkable addition to any space. With distinctive shaped ceiling choices and its versatile open-fronted design, it provides a unique and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you need a cozy nook for impromptu meetings or a private workspace to focus on your tasks, this meeting booth has got you covered. What sets this booth apart is the choice of three ceiling designs: straight, radius, or pitch. Each option adds a touch of style and sophistication, allowing you to customize the booth to suit your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your environment.


Oasis Soft Social Booth is a versatile open fronted booth for collaboration or focus


Dimensions: 2000w  x 2150h x 1200d mm (4 people)

  • Interior acoustic-lined panels
  • A choice of three distinctive-shaped ceiling options
  • Acoustic-lined ceiling panels
  • Integrated upholstered sofa units
  • Ceiling-hung pendant light
  • Passive infra-red sensor
  • Laminate external panels
  • Upholstered seat, sides and ceiling
  • Choice of rear wall panels or open configuration

Oasis Soft Social Booth

The Oasis Soft Social Booth is an innovative, curved seating solution designed to meet the specific needs of your team. This versatile hub configuration enhances collaborative teamwork, offering a range of options such as comfortable seating, integrated tables, wall display screens, and stylish stools.

With its customizable design and multi-user functionality, the Oasis Soft Social Booth revolutionizes how teams interact and work together. Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality with this cutting-edge soft seating solution.

Social Or Private

If privacy is a top priority, the optional rear wall provides an extra layer of seclusion. So, whether you’re looking for individual workspace, a space to collaborate with others or seek solace to work in peace, this booth offers the perfect balance of functionality and privacy.

Experience a new level of comfort and productivity with the curved soft seating offered by the Oasis Soft Social Booth. Transform any area into a vibrant and engaging space that fosters creativity and collaboration. Embrace the possibilities and make the most out of your workspace with this exceptional booth.

Optional Rear Wall

Welcome to our semi private space, a versatile environment designed for impromptu meetings, group collaboration, or personalized productivity. With an optional rear wall for added seclusion, this space offers the perfect balance between connectivity and privacy. Whether you’re brainstorming with colleagues or seeking focused solitude, our workspace caters to your team’s unique needs, providing an engaging and inspiring atmosphere for your work.

Fabric Options

The Oasis Soft Social Booth offers an impressive selection of fabrics that not only possesses anti-microbial properties, but are also waterproof and flame-retardant. This versatile range of textiles ensures you have access to high-quality materials that are both functional and fashionable, adding an extra layer of interest and excitement to your projects.

Unique Design

Design your own unique and captivating workspace that perfectly complements your team’s working style and environment. Our open-topped collection, featuring sleek and stylish acoustic panels, adds a touch of modern elegance. Not only that, but it also comes fully equipped with optional integrated technology, including usage sensors and file-sharing capabilities, making your workspace more efficient and interactive than ever before. Let your creativity soar as you create an engaging and innovative space that will inspire productivity and collaboration among your team members.



External acoustically absorbent panels, 10 mm, and an optional rear wall.

Ceiling Options Straight, radius or pitch


Optional power outlets are available, including double USB charger, HDMI and Cat6 connections

LED Ceiling Light

Ceiling-hung pendant light with passive IR sensor

Additional Extras

Rear laminate wall, Rear fabric wall, Tunable LED lighting with remote control, Free-standing MFC table (twin steel pedestal base) (1200mm x 800mm x 730mm)

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