Peacework Console Booth


Peacework Console is a highly aesthetic product. it provides a modern, yet discreet design that can easily fit in any office.


Comfortable and semi private working areas for open plan spaces

840w x 1400h x 820d mm (1 person)
1520w x 1400h x 820d mm (2 people)
2250w x 1400h x 800d mm (3 people)

  • High back seater with birch plywood frame
  • Base in oak veneered plywood
  • Solid oak feet on black metal collars
  • Double sided and pinable PET felt surround sourced from post-consumer waste and 100% recyclable and reusable, available in grey with black aluminium trim
  • With reverberation and sound absorption properties
  • Sprung seats with internal steel, ply support structure and moulded polyurethane foam
  • Power options available as an extra

Peacework Console is, in theory, a simple sofa seat with a high back but in practice it is an efficient solution to add comfortable and semi private working areas for open plan spaces.

It is available in a variety of sizes, from single seating options to two and three people seats, ideal for informal and formal chats alike.

This console acoustic seating is made of a birch plywood frame with a base in oak veneered supported by solid oak feet, creating a solid and secure structure for the sprung seat which is comfortable and supportive.

The seat of the Peacework Console is further protected by a PET felt surround with acoustic properties that aid sound absorption and reverberation, this surround rises high from the back of the seat and partially enclosed the sides.

The semi enclosure provided by the Peacework Console provides the ideal combination of privacy and open collaboration, its clever design provides users with space where to sit down, read, work or converse with colleagues in focus and concentration.

It can also be enhanced by adding power connection so that users can work in there without having to worry about searching for a plug.

On top of being an efficient acoustic seating solution, Peacework Console is also a highly aesthetic product, whether you go for the one, two or three person seater, it provides a modern, yet discreet design that can easily fit in any office.

The wood veneer is light and appealing whereas the felt surround comes in an all time classic grey.

Adding to the intelligent and aesthetic design of the Peacework Console is the sustainability focus of this piece.

The PET surround is 100% recyclable and reusable, making this console not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.

All in all, Peacework Console is an easy and efficient way to add seating spaces that, more than a simple sofa, offer small hubs of comfort and focus.


Double sided and pinable PET felt surround available in grey
Oak veneered plywood base on solid oak feet with black metal collar

Power and USB sockets available as an extra

Integrated sprung seats

Reverberation and sound absorption properties

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