Work pods

As most offices are now designed to be open-plan, often it’s difficult for people to find a quiet place to fully concentrate on their work. Meeting and conference rooms regularly become occupied by individuals trying to get their work finished and, because they’re in it, no one else can use the room. Arguably, this wastes of a large amount of space and it is in keeping with what the proposed function of the meeting rooms was in the first place. That’s where Work Pods come in. Work Pods have a smaller footprint than meeting rooms and are designed to be a quiet place for people to focus on important pieces of work without being distracted.

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A key distinguishing feature of these types of pod is that they almost always comes with a desk to work on not unlike the desks that will be positioned in the open plan office. Work Pods are usually designed to accommodate one person at a time and provide a working space surrounded by a structure than can control noise. Most Work Pods come with power units so that you can plug in your laptop and phone, if needed. Monitor arms can sometimes be installed on the desks and some pods will allow for monitors to be fitted so that the working space is similar to the open office workstations. The pods can be fully or partially enclosed, and all of them have acoustic properties, albeit at varying degrees, in order to create a quieter environment for the person working in them