Jux Team Booth

The Jux Team Breakout is a great space to have collaborative meetings with colleagues or simply to sit and relax, this is done thanks to the use of various efficient accessories.


A stylish alternative to the common meeting booth

Variety of configurations and sizes available

  • Nature-inspired Aluminium framed structure, available in a number of colours
  • Frame can be adapted to different sizes to match footprint
  • Option to include ceiling rails for a more enclosing space
  • Feature corner brackets in a variety of colours
  • Possibility to enhance open structure with different levels of privacy
  • Option to add 12mm PET noise controlling panels made from 100% PET fibre (50% derived from recycled plastic bottles), plain or with cut-outs
  • Option to add acrylic panels available on a variety of sizes and patterns
  • Wide range of changeable accessories available easy to hook-on temporarily such as bespoke Plywood or MFC shelves, in a variety of finishes
  • MDF desktop available in 25mm MFC
  • Option to integrate soft seating, designed with lumbar support
  • TV brackets from wall available, together with media ports for extra support and cable management
  • Power & media units can be added to desktops and shelves
  • Variety of decorative accessories such as hanging plants, rope ceiling LED lamps
  • Optional ceiling rails can be covered in foliage or left plain

Jux Team Booth is a clever and stylish way to add privacy to any office space, or simply create a harmonious space where to sit and relax. In simple terms, the Jux Team Booth is a freestanding frame structure that can be configured to create a “room” within a room, it is highly adaptable and can be made to work with any footprint. It can have ceiling rails added to further increase the sense of enclosure of the common meeting room. The main aluminium frame structure is available in a number of colours and its organic, nature-inspired design can be made more contemporary with the option to have feature corner brackets in a matching or contrasting colour.

Jux Team Booth is an extremely stylish alternative to the common meeting booth, it provides a sense of openness and a connection to nature, even in the middle of the office. The rail ceiling can be left plain or have foliage added, hook-on hanging plants can also be added, as well as modern, hanging rope LED lamps. Though aesthetics are a strong attribute of the Jux Team Booth, functionality is also at the core of its design. Privacy of this meeting booth can be enhanced by adding panels to the main frame, there is a choice of noise reducing panels, made of 12mm PET fibre.

These panels can be plain or have cut-outs in different patterns to create a more elaborate look. If the preference is to keep with the openness feeling of the frame while adding privacy, there is also an option to have acrylic panels, also plain or with a variety of panels.

The Jux Team Booth is a great space to have collaborative meetings with colleagues or simply to sit and relax, this is done thanks to the use of various efficient accessories. For example, it is possible to add MDF desktops with power and media units, easy to hook-on shelves, as well as TV brackets. Soft seating can also be added, specially designed with lumbar support to increase comfort.

Jux Team Booth is a great addition to any room, it is functional and aesthetic. It easily adds a sense of enclosure within the need to erect heavy walls and the array of add-on panel options available make sure as much privacy as needed. This meeting booth can truly create an oasis to escape stress and feel as if in the middle of nature. The Jux Team Booth is the perfect retreat within any busy office space.


Pyramid shape 3D foam structure, upholstered in grey, other finishes available as an extra
82cm wide glass door with stainless steel fittings
82cm wide window at the back
4cm high wooden plinth base in black

Available as stand-alone system or to be connected to a central system
Standard manual operation, option to add motion activation as an extra

LED recessed spotlights with manual activation, included as a standard, option to add motion sensor

Power and data options available

Two upholstered integrated seats with backrest, available for sizes large and medium 18mm MDF table top with oak veneer top, included as a standard

Sound absorbing materials

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