Oasis Soft Team Pod
Oasis Soft Team Pod
Oasis Soft Team Pod
Oasis Soft Team Pod
Oasis Soft Team Pod
Oasis Soft Team Pod

Oasis Soft Team Pod


Introducing the Oasis Soft Team Pod: a remarkable solution for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy office environment. With its impeccable blend of comfort and style, this fully enclosed pod offers an array of possibilities. Experience tranquility with the internal air circulation fan, ensuring optimal coolness and ventilation. Step into oasis soft a private sanctuary, through the sliding door and gaze through the glazed panels that invite natural light. Discover the boundless uses, quiet space and endless charm of the Oasis Soft Team Pod, available in small 4 person and large 6 person size options. — the epitome of tranquility and productivity.


Oasis Soft Team Pod is a fully enclosed space for complete privacy


Dimensions: 2840w x 2300h x 1540d mm – 2 people

Dimensions: 2840w x 2300h x 2340d mm – 4 people

Dimensions: 3040w x 2300h x 2540d mm – 6 people

  • Left or right-handed door
  • 10mm toughened glass sliding door with 1200mm t-bar handle.
  • Acoustic-lined panels on the interior
  • Enclosed acoustic ceiling with LED panel
  • Passive infra-red sensor
  • Ventilation: Air circulation fan
  • Available in three sizes, Duo – 2 people, Team Pod Small – 4 people and Team Pod Large – 6 people

Oasis Soft Team Pod

The Oasis Soft Team Pod is an innovative solution for absolute privacy in a busy office environment. Designed to cater to busy office environments and different needs, it comes in both Duo and Team sizes, ensuring a truly customisable experience. Step inside this fully enclosed space, and be transported into a world of tranquility and focus. Immerse yourself in an environment that promotes productivity and creativity. Discover the freedom to hold private meetings, collaborate, or simply unwind in style with maximum peace. Upgrade your workspace with the Oasis Soft Team Pod and redefine the way you experience privacy.

Formal meetings, though essential, can often be challenging to endure. However, the Oasis Soft Team Pod offers a unique solution, elevating your experience to a whole new level of comfort and privacy. With its thoughtful features, including an air circulation fan, sliding door, and glazed panels, the Pod ensures a light, airy, and refreshing ambiance.

So whether you’re discussing business strategies or brainstorming creative ideas for collaborative projects, immerse yourself in a rejuvenating oasis that will make your meetings more productive and enjoyable.

Oasis Soft Pod Ventilation

The Pod range comes equipped with an advanced internal air circulation fan that ensures optimal cooling and ventilation, keeping it consistently at the perfect temperature. Not only that, but you’ll also find a convenient sliding door and elegant glazed panels that not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also provide a seamless connection between the indoors and the outdoors. Rest assured, every detail has been carefully designed to enhance your experience and create the perfect ambience.

The module offers a myriad of exciting possibilities to personalise this quiet space and truly make it your own. From a captivating multi-touch surface table to an intuitive user interface that monitors light, air circulation, and even allocated time, the options are endless for creating a unique and engaging experience. Explore the endless array of ways to customise and enhance this remarkable module, and let your imagination soar!




Upholstered external panels in choice of fabric

Sliding door and glazed panels


Optional power outlets are available, including double USB charger, HDMI and Cat6 connections


Air circulation fan with enhanced acoustic labyrinth air circulation and flow system, ensuring the pod stays light fresh and airy

LED Ceiling Light

Enclosed ceiling with integrated LED lights with passive IR sensor

Optional Extras

Louvre ceiling, 800mm glazed panels, Dimmable light switch, Fan controlled regulator, Silencing fan enclosure, White MFC table with steel pedestal base

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