Zen Meeting Pod

Zen Meeting Pod


Zen Meeting Pod provides a quiet meeting space for two people in open plan workspaces. The pods contain acoustic properties, offering the privacy of a traditional meeting room without having to build walls. The meeting pod has many customisable features, including the dimensions and design, which means that you can have the right size pod for your space whilst looking the way you’d like it to. Zen meeting pods can also be used to socialise or catch up with colleagues – allowing you to take a break from the everyday stresses of the workplace.


Take a break from the everyday stresses of the workplace

2100w x 1900h x (depth is variable) mm

  • Customisable options available, including dimensions
  • Variety of fabric finishes available
  • Comes flat-packed so can be taken into most spaces
  • Subtle acoustics despite not being closed-off
  • Power unit and light available
  • Table included (725mm high), as standard
  • Can be fully dismantled and reassembled

As well as the dimensions and design, you can also customise the seating, work surface, roof, audio-visual, power and charging points making this meeting booth the workspace solution for your needs. A variety of fabric finishes are available so you can decide on the colour and also the mixture of colours you’d like to use. Under the fabric, the panels are tested and rated to provide significant noise reduction, achieved through an internal layer of sound absorbing foam. Adding to this, as the pod can be enclosed with a roof and therefore only partially open, there are also strong acoustic properties when seated inside. You can therefore make a phone call with privacy and in peace and quiet.

For convenience, there are different power options available, including power modules with power, USB, Data and HDMI ports. The lighting can come as a pendant light that hangs from the ceiling or an LED light with a sensor. If the sensor option is chosen it means that the light will come on when the meeting booth is occupied and off when vacant, saving energy when not in use.  The Zen 2 Person Pod comes with a desk, provided as standard, which can be curved or straight and offers a comfortable amount of room to work with your laptop or notepad. The optional power module can be conveniently positioned so you can also charge your devices.


Various fabrics available and there is no additional charge to combine different colours from the same fabric type.

Power units including USB and RJ45 connections can be fitted to the pods in different places, based on requirement.

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